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Johansen the silent kiss of midfield death
at 09:08 10 Apr 2023

Among the many bad things I saw vs Preston for me Stefan Johansen has become possibly the biggest problem.

He doesn’t just do nothing he actively throws other players into the s**t. Weak and hesitant on the ball he waits and waits until it’s totally blatant what he’s going to do and then releases a slow 4 yard backward pass to a defender on his heels. It’s criminal.

He’s also clearly shot physically, so slow and underpowered - lightweight.

Creates zilch.

Such a shame as I LOVED the player I saw in loan but ever since he’s been permanent he’s been absolutely diabolical. So so so poor.

He absolutely must not play - how he gets on ahead of Amos I’ll never know. At least Amos can run and pass.
Crying out for Warburton
at 15:02 27 Feb 2023

In the annals of bad decisions, removing Warbs now looks like the extraordinarily stupid decision it looked at the time.

A few things to think about

- Our 'collapse' last season now looks like a dream compared to our current freefall.

- He was ostensibly sacked because he didn't play youth teamers - but he did when they were GOOD. He immediately made more out of BOS and Manning, he played Chair and of course Eze. He even persevered with Kakay and bombed out Todd Kane for the cause. The players he didn't play weren't, and almost certainly never will be, good enough. Sinclair Armstrong aside Beale didn't play any more of them than Warbs either.

- The club was well run, on a budget, with respect and good attitude.

- I've never been anti Ferdinand but to me it's now clear he sacked Warbs because he felt threatened and didn't like that Warbs was his own man. It was ego. An ego clash. And for me, that is unforgivable.

- If we'd kept Warbs and the STABILITY we've all craved for so long we'd be in so much better shape now. I guarantee it.

To think we sacked MW for being in the playoffs most the season now seems to STUPID it is laughable.

A huge mistake that may we see us relegated.

And yeah I'm afraid it's on Les.

Banfield gone
at 21:59 28 Nov 2022

Bit of surprise he left as well - and shame - he’s been at the club a good while and is a coach of real pedigree.

Plus he was the one that told us to sign Willock
Transfer Rumours
at 09:06 6 Jun 2022

Desperate for some of these. Can people post all the links etc they come across? I'd take clickbait, I don't care, I just want some excitement to go with Ian's arrival.

More blood.


[Post edited 6 Jun 2022 9:08]
Johansen or Dozzell
at 09:32 4 Nov 2021

For me, if we’re going to have two in the middle, and I really think we should, then you need to play a defensive minded player with a ball playing mid.

In my book Dozzell and Johansen are both essentially ball players and we should pick one.

At the moment, I’d be tempted to say Dozzell, which is weird considering how brilliant Stef was for us last year - but his form is truly horrible at the moment.

He’s misplacing passes, stumbling over the ball etc. At one point last night Chair set him up and all he needed to do was take a simple touch and shoot and it was sure goal. He made a total mess of it.
Problem areas - loans that became permanent this summer
at 18:12 16 Oct 2021

Both Ste Jo and Chaz are just way way below the level they were playing at when on loan for us last year. It’s weird. Charlie in particular looks shot.

Wijs had a horrible game today.

And Field is of course badly injured.

4 key signings we really need to work out.
Brexit for the youth team
at 13:24 7 Feb 2021

While watching yesterday was thinking two of our best recent prospects - Chair and Dieng - were signed from the EU.

Am I right in thinking they wouldn’t have qualified based on the new points system?

If so it’s going to limit our talent pool quite badly.

Sinclair Armstrong also - or are Irish citizens given a by?

Warbs & the defence
at 16:55 21 Jan 2021

Credit where credit is due - Warburton was getting a lot of justified criticism for how ridiculously leaky were but to be fair there has been an incredible improvement in that department. Gritty clean sheets and low scores against for a little while now.

Still think we're vulnerable in the air but I think Barbet is poor in that area.
5-3-2 from now on?
at 14:00 13 Jan 2021

I generally hate 5-3-2 (Ollie had no idea how to make it work properly) but I have to say it was absolutely brilliant yesterday. We had options all over the park and the benefit of a front two supporting each other. Dykes looked totally energised.

So well drilled and executed too, credit to Warburton.

Only player it seemed to diminish is Chair. He had a quiet game.

Chair & Barbet
at 16:55 10 Dec 2020

Chair wasn't just good vs Millwall he was exceptional. He really does look to be one of our few top quality talents now. I'm really pleased to see him kick on and take a game by the scruff of the neck, play in dangerous areas. That's what he needed to do after slightly flattering to deceive at times last season.

Barbet. For me he is huge issue, particularly in the air. He just misses headers far far too often. Clearly, Warburton is dazzled by his technical skill, but as a defender he's powder puff. Missed header (again) cost us the game. He HAS to be replaced. I find it extraordinary he's remained the mainstay of defence that has conceded so many goals.

We desperately need another centre back - nothing pretty, just a proper no nonsense big mean b*stard. A grizzled leader.
McIntyre on Chair
at 09:34 4 Sep 2020

He wrote this and it’s great analysis, I totally agree. I actually fancy him to play deeper actually, I’m not sure he’s got the flair for number 10

Really hope he kicks in this year.

‘Chair has obvious talent but much of his most eye-catching work still comes in areas where he can easily receive the ball.

In terms of his contribution in tighter areas, as well as in and around the penalty area, his game would need to improve as rapidly as key aspects of Osayi-Samuel’s did in order for Chair to be at a similar level this time next year.’
Brentford player sales affects our market
at 12:46 7 Aug 2020

I'm wondering if Brentford failing to go up (lol) and a bunch of their players suddenly looking to move for reasonable money - Watkins, Benrahma and Rico Henry - will harm our chances of getting a good price for Manning, Eze and BOS?

A bunch of the same clubs - Palace, West Ham, Leeds - who were apparently interested in our players seem to now be linked with the Brentford trio. Unfortunate coincidence that the Brentford trio also play in roughy the same positions as ours.

So it might be an either or choice?

Especially considering the bidding clubs have relatively small budgets by Prem standards.
[Post edited 7 Aug 2020 13:58]
Dom Ball
at 18:19 15 Feb 2020

Take a bow. Absolutely the fighting heart of our team today and really making CM look like his. He’s big, committed, physical and can play. Tracks runners too.

BOS has to be MOTM but Ball and Eze close behind him.
at 12:06 3 Dec 2019

We really needed Pugh to be a major signing but he's just never got going. I'd describe him as 'low energy' so far. He doesn't look like he's got the stomach for the scrap, maybe his legs have gone.

Thoughts on here?

Why there is no movement at Warren Farm
at 19:20 14 Nov 2019

I've been told it's because Fernandes wants to sell the club if he can't get this stadium over the line.

Until it's been decided the work is on hold.

Could be utter b*llocks but it's from a pretty good source.

Literally nothing to see here
at 20:05 5 Sep 2019

Yeeeeeeahhh... my mistake. I was told I could get a much more substantial run down of the details of the meeting's minutes... but no.

So I'm going to quietly leave this here and slide off. Apologies.

Suffice to say - it was not a successful meeting.
[Post edited 6 Sep 2019 9:37]
Ollie: Never the brightest spark.
at 11:29 21 Aug 2019

I really don't miss this.

His prejudice against foreign players, which I was told was nonsense, makes more and more sense.
at 12:21 2 Aug 2019

So pleased he’s caught Warburton’s eye. Love this kid he’s got great bite and wand of a left foot. I get Rowlands vibes. Think he could be a real cult hero at Rangers.

We haven’t had a full back who can cross as well as Manning can since the Bard

Really hope it works out and be plays
at 01:11 25 Jul 2019

Pretty much any singing that’s been (a) good (b) good value in the last few years have come from Gary Penrice.

So where are the signings from his scouting this summer?

We need two or three unpolished diamonds from the lower leagues if we’re to keep the conveyor belt moving.

We need another Freeman
Tickets for Watfart
at 15:57 14 Feb 2019

I need three - anyone fancy selling? Happy with a mark up.
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