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Moon Landings Anniversary
at 02:48 21 Jul 2019

50 years ago we landed on the Moon says the BBC.

I'm not a huge fan of conspiracy theories, but i'm assuming by now we've all watched the program which explains, very clearly, with a shed load of seemingly very strong evidence, why it's supposedly just a simple con trick? I don't think it's possible to watch that documentary and still come away convinced we've been to the Moon. It certainly raises significant doubt. Let's not forget we won the war by making a cutout cardboard tank army which wasn't real. So to just carry on like nothing's happened diminishes the Beeb's already rock-bottom credibility if you ask me.

But, i'm no astro physicist, what the hell do i know about the van Allen belt or whatever it is and whether we can or can't circumvent it etc? You'd think it would be an easy argument to settle. I can't believe they can't easily prove or disprove it, so why don't they? It could just be hogwash, how'd we know? To see the BBC just advertising it as a fact...perplexing to say the least. Surely, nobody could be so naive to be absolutely certain either way? We don't know. I'd really like to know whether it's true or not and i find the blanket silence whereby the powers that be, rather than refuting the evidence against said Moon landing, simply refuse to acknowledge or discuss the issue, highly suspicious. All they say is 'ha, of course we've been to the Moon, how ridiculous', with no arguments given at all explaining why the Moon is allegedly identical to a piece of the desert in America and all that stuff. A long list of damning evidence, one after another. If it's true.

It'd be nice to know the facts of the matter and i'm puzzled as to why it isn't considered an important issue to establish the truth one way or the other. I don't trust any of them, definitely not the yanks. I can't fathom why the issue remains ignored. We could land on the Moon in 1969 without computers, when we can't even come close to doing it today? We haven't been back for a second visit in the last 50 years? Hmmm...

If it was true, surely they could prove it?

If it was a con trick, man, Putin must be absolutely livid, it's the Mac Daddy of all time.

The truth is out there...
Tyson Masterclass
at 07:42 16 Jun 2019

at 12:02 1 Jun 2019

Look, i don't actually like to post threads unless i have to, so one of you lot should have done this by now, but i suppose it'll have to be Joe Muggins.

So that's a few articles i've read now saying Warburton wants to bring in a new 'keeper; one that is 'more comfortable with the ball at their feet' than either Joe or Matt Ingram.

If that's true and it doesn't work out, i for one would immediately be really fcuking pissed off with Mark Warburton. We've got three good keepers who've been with us a while, it seems totally unnecessary to me. Even if he's made loads of errors, Joe has looked good a lot and he's cool as Hell, we all like him. I'd be very disappointed to see him replaced without a damned good reason and i can't see any way another 'keeper could be that much better with the ball than Joe, or they'd be fcuking playing up front in place of Matt Smith.

If he brings this bloke in (dunno sod all about him) and he's an upgrade, well fair enough i suppose. It just seems a silly gamble when we have so many more pressing concerns and one which could backfire spectacularly. It reeks of something Clive will be lamenting a few years from now when we're looking back at ridiculously rash, foolish decisions we've made. So far, each time a new manager comes in, they seem to bomb out decent, loyal players and arrogantly replace them with worse, more expensive players. I hope this doesn't turn out to be more of the same.
Good, lengthy article by McIntyre about our recruitment
at 07:28 1 Jun 2019

When i look at that, i still think now what i thought at the time, one of the biggest mistakes we made in recent years was getting rid of Chris Ramsey after just a few games when he was trying to rebuild us. If only we'd kept him on, maybe we'd have managed to have stayed up * and saved a fortune in the process, not to mention then being several years ahead of where we are now. At present, we are still quite literally repeating our mistakes mid way through every season. It's as if the board can't properly evaluate decisions and instead, we have some sort of a twitter democracy (who are predominantly stupid people) running the club at times.

Must p!ss Les off to constantly get the blame for it all by the very same twitter idiots who are the very people actually causing so many of the problems by failing to grasp the fact a new manager won't make any bloody difference if his team is crap and he's only given a few matches.

* And if we had gone down, i don't think it would have made things much worse.
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at 02:41 28 May 2019

The joys of the internet. For anybody interested. Quite high quality. They don't even have the rules worked out, some cheeky head butts. It's a knockout tournament a la Enter the Dragon done, on one night. There are some great early UFCs actually. Tank Abbott always a favourite to watch.

Including the man, the legend, Royce (that's Hoyce) Gracie. Absolutely mind blowing to think he has the guts to climb in that ring weighing 176 pounds (12 stone 8, or 80kg) and doesn't even know how to box properly. Even more mind-blowing to think he cleans up. Just doesn't seem possible.

I don't like Jiu Jitsu, bloody boring imo, but you have to hand it to him, balls of steel. For anybody who doesn't know, Gracie's are the most famous Jiu Jitsu family of all time from Brazil. Royce Gracie one of the most famous fighters of all time. Small and skinny, can't punch, came and beat everybody when the world didn't know what Jiu Jitsu was. Really was an incredible feat. It basically was like the small nerd in the class beating up all the huge bullies. To step in the ring against the likes of Ken Shamrock in those red trunks like something out of a horror movie, giving away 50 lbs...that's real guts. Stupidity even. I think all humans should be very proud of his efforts. Even if he's kinda dull to watch.

Ps Commentary by the legendary NFL Running Back Jim Brown and Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace unbeaten former champ and cool as hell.
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at 15:37 7 May 2019

An absolutely excellent, crucial contribution for Smith's goal that perhaps some may have missed; lovely little pin-point, first-time through ball from Walker. We've been crying out for somebody who likes to play first-time passes, it's the easiest way to score at any level. Most of our players would never have taken that option. Excellent assist there.

Also, wow Eze was superb again. Maybe the lack of Luke Freeman moaning freed him up. We were really admirable under awful provocation. Great effort from the boys.
Fake news? BBC? No way?
at 15:14 18 Apr 2019

Death penalty? Heh? They'll be asked/told to move. Or maybe even left alone. Death penalty? There's more chance of me giving it to you lot. Anything for a headline, though.
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