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Tonight's Championship games
at 20:09 10 Apr 2024

The Snake in the Sky Sports studio.

Stroud the man with the whistle at the Swansea v Stoke game.

What a time to be alive
Great article by Tony Incenzo on QPR's previous homes
at 13:31 5 Feb 2024

I just stumbled across this great piece of research by Mr Incenzo. I didn't realise QPR have used more home venues than any other Football League club.

Off topic: Insight into what artists earn from music streaming services
at 13:16 4 Dec 2023

I had already seen this sobering information from the band The Black Dog

but within the last few days, American rock band Echolyn posted this:

Clearly, major global artists will make a tidy sum from music streaming but it's pretty sobering, to me at least, how little lesser and up and coming artists make from it.
The Magilton - Buzacky incident: New evidence?
at 16:17 9 Oct 2023

Perhaps some or all of you have seen this before but when I was investigating the QPR connections of our recent managers and took a look at Jim Magilton's Wikipedia page, a related article leapt out at me.

I have always doubted that Magilton headbutted Akos, that always seemed extreme to me, but I have never seen anything to back up what was just a hunch. Perhaps Magilton did nut him, but this is interesting, I think. As I say, the article may be old news to you:
Off topic: Mark Cavendish to continue for 'one more year'
at 13:06 4 Oct 2023

The Manx Missile is having one more crack at breaking the record for Tour de France stage wins. I'm crossing my fingers for him.
Off topic: Boring, plumbing related query, any help appreciated!
at 11:03 30 May 2023

Warning: Contents extremely dull and liable to cause narcolepsy. Do not read while operating heavy machinery or handling naked flames.

So here's a contender for the most boring thread for many a year, if not, ever. So, so, sorry.

We are updating our bathroom and had the telephone handset style shower mixer taps replaced with the one below:

The problem is that there was a communication breakdown with our plumber and the above unit, which is now installed, turns out to be unsuitable for our low water pressure. He says we need a unit suitable for 0.1 bar. He is an excellent plumber whom my brother's family and I have both used for donkeys' years, so this is a real shame and unusual.

The old unit, which was at least 18 years old, gave a perfectly adequate shower but with this new one, the water just dribbles out and it really is unusable for the purposes of showering.

My question is: Would a replacement shower head , like the Mira Beat, improve the water flow such that the shower would produce a normal spray pattern?

This would save us the cost of getting a new unit and the labour of having it fitted, plus the labour of replacing the matching basin taps, which are also new but which we will use in the ensuite when that is upgraded.

Thanks a million for any insight.
When LFW posters disagree with each other...
at 13:47 6 Dec 2022

...can we please just keep it civil and focus on the point of disagreement. Please, please refrain from slagging off the person you disagree with.

It's natural to disagree, we're not clones, but for the sake of Clive's sanity, let's just stick to the point at issue and argue our corner politely, rather than frequently going down a spiral of personal insults.

Oh, and can we please also stop categorising people whose opinions we disagree with. Just say you have a different view and explain why without resorting to calling them
- A cult member
- A snowflake
- Woke.

Come on, let's play nicely, we're all here because we love Rangers, or, in the case of our esteemed guests who support other clubs, because we have an interest in this endlessly fascinating football club.

End of sermon, and breathe....
Unexpected problem potentially affecting the long awaited new stadium
at 12:45 10 Aug 2022

I know progress towards a new stadium has been very slow and hugely frustrating, and that most fans want to remain in the Hammersmith & Fulham Borough anyway, but there is an unforeseen issue, to do with electricity supply, affecting all new construction in West London, specifically in Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow.

From Computing magazine:
Developers in three West London boroughs are being told of limits to new building because the grid is full to capacity. This is likely to be the first of many such announcements.

Property developers in three west London boroughs have been told of limitations on new building because the local electricity infrastructure cannot cope, with part of the blame being placed on data centres.

As reported yesterday by the FT, the Greater London Authority (GLA) has written to builders warning them that it might take until 2035 for grid infrastructure to be upgraded sufficiently to allow new connections in Hillingdon, Ealing and Hounslow.

Electricity networks in the area are running to capacity, and the GLA specifically mentioned the presence of data centres that "use large quantities of electricity, the equivalent of towns or small cities, to power servers and ensure resilience in service".
QPR related, topical (gasp) quiz question for you. No cheating
at 11:55 15 May 2022

Who is the former Rangers player now playing at League Two play-off contenders Mansfield Town?

No using search engines!

Unhelpful hint #1: He is now back in his home town.

Unhelpful hint #2: He has played at least 50 times for every club he has been at.

No prizes, just the smug satisfaction of being clever clogs of the week
[Post edited 15 May 2022 11:59]
Klaus Schulze RIP
at 14:16 28 Apr 2022

Very sad news, the electronic music pioneer has died after a long illness

He was originally the drummer in Tangerine Dream but left to create his own synth-based music, much of it on the new fangled Moog.

Here he is playing with various collaborators including innovative guitarist Manuel Goettsching. The story goes that they were invited to a party and in the course of it, they were encouraged to have an impromptu jam session. They duly did so and thought no more of it.

Some time later, Goettsching was in a record shop and heard some impressive guitar playing. Then the penny dropped: The unknown guitar hot-shot was actually him! The jam session had been secretly recorded, mixed then released as album.

RIP King of the Moog
So you will be supporting Villarreal against ManUre, won't you?
at 13:35 7 May 2021

Exhibit A:
56 pass goal (spoiler alert: Not by Barca): Brilliant or boring?
at 13:28 31 Mar 2021

A friend supports MK Dons, mainly because it is his local team, and posted the video of this goal on his Facebook page.

I have to admit it is quite something to be able to keep the ball for what seems like an age, but after watching the video for a while, you may start to think the clip is on auto repeat
Another musician gone: RIP Keith Tippett, pianist/composer, once of King Crimson
at 12:44 17 Jun 2020

Another sad loss. Here is some of his recent work. Is it jazz? Prog? Simply rock? Unusual, yet haunting, in my humble opinion, and it shows that the piano still has a lot to offer even in this hi-tech age.

Stay-cation holiday blues
at 13:26 29 Apr 2020

Well, just another day and a half of work and I am on home. In these troubled times, I am extremely grateful to be fit and well and to have a job and income, mind.

We were due to be heading to the south coast of Crete but something like that will be a pipe dream for months to come.

My employer won't allow people to cancel previously booked holiday - which is fair enough, the company would grind to a halt if everyone put off their holidays until the lockdown ends - so we will be sampling the delights of the parish in which we reside and trying not to murder each other

Anyone got any good holiday at home survival tips?

PS: I am soooo glad I booked an extra day for packing and getting organised especially now all "packing" is going to involve is removing my work laptop from the dining room table.
Haircuts! What's your plan? Will you cut your own?
at 12:37 31 Mar 2020

OK, so this is a pretty trivial subject at this time of crisis and upheaval, but I am getting to the point where my crowning glory - or to be more accurate, grizzled French crop - is going to need some serious attention. I've never cut my own hair and am nervous as hell.

What are you lot planning to do? I am considering getting some electric clippers but am such a clumsy oaf that I will probably end up slicing the curtains in half, along with my own ear.

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