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QPR hold their nerve to settle cup thriller - Report
at 11:53:21

Bloody he'll Clive! One of your best, and I feel like ive just walked out of the pub, ( panicking as nearly missed last train!

Great, great night, flowing football, Chair, Manning, Nacki all brilliant, even got served at half-time.

Lots of humour, banter, piss taking in crowd, wonderful evening!

Cheers Clive!
Hall adds end product to QPR's new aesthetics – Report
at 10:15:45

Thanks Clive

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, had the good fortune to bump into Mark Prince on South Africa Road, great guy, glad the day went so well for him, had a laugh about him calling Les Rio.

I thought we looked good, Cane will make huge difference, Eze has started very well, God knows how Warburton has gelled them so quickly!

Cheers Clive!
Eze's glorious goal helps QPR stun Stoke - Report
at 10:52:37

Thanks Jordan, great match report.

Listened on the radio, our travelling fans were great from start to finish, created suburb atmosphere , must have really helped the players.

Sounded like dreadful decision making by Referee Bond, constantly letting Stoke players get away with bookible tackles,( late high assault on Barbet ) by the way excelent match commentary on QPR radio.

Eze goal , as mentioned, easy candidate for team goal of the season, ( imagine if Leeds or Derby had scored it, probably a new Sky channel showing it all bloody day!)

Cheers Jordan
Cameron makes Rangers return, but will it be in the same role? Signing
at 10:12:04

Strange times at the club.

I really don't understand what we are trying to do, I like Cameron, and it really was a terrible foul on him at Leeds, (in a game we looked like winning.

I have also given up trying to understand FFP

It doesn't look good.

Thanks Clive!
Amos brace brightens picture - Column
at 00:38:01

Good stuff Clive this early in the season!
Must admit was very worried after Borehamwood, ( they looked much better than us second half), at the moment just keeping a slowly creeping panic at bay because I'm confident the club know that we urgently need two central forward players.

Thanks Clive!

End of Term Report 18/19 - Defenders
at 17:56:26

Thanks Clive

Yes, the defensive thing is a problem, most of our crowd surprised at Bidwell's departure, so I guess it was a money thing as mentioned.

I must admit I keep thinking of all the terrible decisions that went against us last season, I was reading the Ingram review and you mentioned the "bent" Shef Utd goals, I was level with the off-side pass, it was a mile off, the penalty, and on it went all season, keeper, (Lumley), kicked in the face at Villa, the Wigan two handed save, the Bristol penalty, play till you score at Derby, I must admit if I had to put up with this crap from Referee's every bloody week, it would affect my game, (and drinking levels).

Great reports Clive.
Smith's late winner finishes QPR's season on a high - Report
at 17:32:25

Thanks Clive

Yes, another great season of suburb match reports, sometimes the only thing to lighten the dark clouds surrounding the club!

Yes, great to see Eze back in form, looked like he was enjoying himself again.

Scowen looked very good, as did Furlong.

Cheers Clive
The absolute state of the QPR nation – Preview
at 18:02:10

Thanks Clive

Completely agree about Les, and inability of our Board/ Chairman to allow the management structure of the club to function independently of the Board.

I've said before I think we are approaching the Final wake up call next season, we lost a wonderful opportunity to build this year, and blew it.

No money, No manager, players out of contract, that just leaves us, I'm guessing we will start next season with what's left of our up and coming academy players, ( plus the ones who survived McLaren, Furlong, Lumley, Eze plus Bright and Manning), if they do start next season can I ask that the fans really do show some patience, and get behind them, what's happened at the club is not their fault, and its very easy to destroy a young players confidence, just a thought!

Cheers Clive! at least your match reports had another great season!.
Forest flop leaves QPR nursing unwanted record - Report
at 16:03:32

Thanks Clive

Yes, this is first time ever I've left at final whistle,( for the last home game of the season) , just couldn't do it after watching the Wells "Cameo", as mentioned was disgusted at his "show-boating" and as for his penalty, not sure whether it was his ego, or lack of decision from the Captain? (who?), again as mentioned common sense would have given it to Manning, (or have we now got a "Redknapp dressing room" where some players don't count).

Don't envy the new managers task, or us having to watch it next season.

At the end of last season I wanted Holloway to have one final season to bring the youngsters through, and would have been happy with a mid table finish, this year we have courted disaster, and for the first time in ages I think their is a real chance of us going down, and I'm not talking about a Rotherham "right to the wire down" , I'm thinking more of a pre-lambert Ipswich down.

Hope I'm wrong!

Clive, another great season of very funny, (mixed with great journalism) match reports, as things got worse, the humour got better.

Cheers Clive!
Ways to lose at football - Report
at 21:29:13

Thanks Clive

Yes, I was very surprised at how well we battled, closed people down, and generally played with more than a bit of pride.

I am sick to death of the Refereeing in this division, its not FFP that will be the end of this Championship farce it will be the disgraceful level of refereeing.

Cheers Clive, great report.
QPR back from the dead with random Swansea trouncing – Report
at 23:06:43


Thanks Clive!

Really didn't see that coming, was worried that Scowen was going to take the Ref out before half time.

Yes, this was the tactic everyone used against Lee Cook, I remember Coventry rotating on Lee one Saturday, finally the Coventry centre half took Cook out with an elbow, and the Ref, (possibly Styles?) booked him for diving.

Manning great again, just gets on with it, good sound performance from Lumley.

Cheers Clive great report.
QPR make their point at Millwall - Report
at 21:46:29

Yes, very good report, a lot of pride on show, and Scowen was excellent, we might have knicked all three points, but very important draw.
Spot the difference, QPR annihilated at Norwich - Report
at 15:18:15


Every word, I'm particularly worried about Eustace and the "Green Shirts" spending another minute at our club, when you sack the team leader, and his "team" were all appointed by him, you just cant let them stay at the club, I'm guessing they are creating a very negative atmosphere on the training ground, (which was clearly reflected on the pitch at Norwich).

Cameron has obviously thrown in the towel, and (contract permitting) should be returned immediately, what do you do with Hemud ? again can we get Oteh back?

If we are going to go down, lets go down with some pride, with players (who as you say Clive), have some pride in the shirt they are wearing .

I watched Lynch in the second half against Bolton for fifteen minutes, each time in possession, he allowed the ball to drop to either foot and launched it thirty or forty yards in the direction he was facing, some into the Ellerslie Road stand, some into the South Africa Road stand, and a couple into the front of the Loft, twice a hand went up from Bright, pointing to 10 yards in front of him, he might as well have been pointing at the toilets.

In terms not only in respect of his attitude, his lack of discipline, his lack of awareness of where his own players are, (never mind the bloody oppositions!), I don't think I've ever seen a worse central defender at our club in over fifty years watching the club.

Thanks Clive, it all needed to be said.
McClaren suffers long term pain after short term gain – Column
at 14:00:37


I hope the powers that be read your article, and think long and hard before the next appointment.

Our younger players will not have a better chance to break into the first team than the start of next season, we cannot make the same mistakes again.

Your very accurate summary of McLarens time here, is particularly pertinent when talking about Wells, as described he had missed open goals at Wigan away, Bristol City away,( before and after half time), and then missed the penalty against Birmingham, (I'm guessing a lot of this was mental exhaustion on his part from being played to death by McLaren), but we had a player who scores penalties for fun,(Oteh), but who had been moved out to the bench at Walsall, surely we could have kept him as cover/replacement for the non-moving/injured Hemud?

If the kids had stayed, (I know hindsight), we would have had cover for our centre forward, and Chair could have allowed Freeman to be rested, and then we could perhaps have got to 48-50 points, (Rotherham and Bolton at home), and then stuck the kids in for the last six or seven games when we were safe.

Blackpool in the cup was the warning sign that McLaren was not prepared to carry out his mandate to introduce our younger players into the first team, mind you just about everybody pointed this out at the time!

Thanks Clive! (have you ever considered management? (you're allowed to drink alcohol).
McClaren hanging by a thread after Bolton debacle – Report
at 20:36:41

Yes, fully agree with above, thanks for putting time into recording the bloody awfulness that is going on at our club, yes, worse than Rotherham, (that surely is impossible).

I have really tried to get my head round what is going wrong, and what's happened to the team, is it a dressing room problem? is their a problem with the loan players?

Hemud has obviously been a very expensive mistake from day one, Wells has been played to death, Cameron, yes good, but have a look at any stat analysis on players age and likelihood of injury in the Championship.

I've no idea whether the above is relevant or not.

His treatment of Bright this season has shown poor judgement, (its a credit to Bright that he has survived McLaren's time here).

Yes Clive that's it for McLaren, Norwich, and Sheffield Wednesday away? don't think so.

I'm glad I share your opinion about the necessity of alcohol before watching Championship football!

Cheers Clive!
QPR plumb new depths in Rotherham debacle - Report
at 11:15:29

Aanotyer great report Clive!

Holding head in hands when Bright moved inside, Sunday morning pub manager would not have done that!!!!!!!

We then decided it was black humour time!

I think the only reason I'm still going is to read Clive's match report, nice touch to mention Luongp as well, he kept going, ( and may will do so at the end of the season)

Cheers Clive grim times, again
Boredom in its purest form – Report
at 22:41:54

God that was grim!

Might be up their with the Tuesday night Ipswich game, (a few years ago), and a truly appalling 0-0 draw at home to Crystal Palace around Christmas (also a few years ago).

if I was a Brighton fan I would be very worried if Glen Murray gets injured, has Hemud ever actually played in the Premier League?

How can someone with zero mobility operate in the Premier League?

Just curious

As usual very, very funny Clive, Shodipo 73 minutes? really, really? against 10 men!!!!
Does this sound right to you? Preview
at 19:26:24

Great piece of journalism Clive.

So many great clubs, with so many fans, surely we deserve better.

As you often mention, we have so much to learn from the German club model.

Cheers Clive!
Seven games in a leaky boat – Report
at 00:37:30

Thanks Clive

Very good report. As usual. Sounds grim, Leeds and Brentford, not good.
Watford bring curtain down on QPR's cup hopes - Report
at 18:34:34

Yes, removal of Pav was mistake, which pretty much every one around me picked up on, as mentioned, position of Eze also wrong decision, surprised as this was something Holloway learned the hard way last season, (particularly in away games),with 15 left on clock he had to go centre at front, (not centre forward and run at middle of Watford defence.

As you say Clive mistake was partially corrected by bringing Bright on.

Hemud- something seriously not right fitness wise, shouldn't have been on pitch, closer in Eze was a better bet to gain free kick/penalty.

Great night, great atmosphere, wonderful support, god knows how they kept going! (players).

Another great report Clive.
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