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Away shirt - wash issues?
at 16:17 18 Aug 2021

Asking for a friend here who's not registered on forums...

And my disclaimer here is I haven't got either new shirt for this season so can't say anything first hand (though I was planning to get the new home one...)

"Have you seen any grumbles about the black shirt? Worn twice but there's already white threads showing rather obviously through the black. Fabric definitely not up to the quality of, say, the green and yellow one. I've not worn it in unusual circumstances or been savaged by a cat, but it is definitely not going to look shiny and new for long. Would be less of an issue with the home shirt, it's the contrast that is telling."
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Womens Football History
at 09:02 7 May 2021

Another very good in-depth article on BBC Sport this morning in regards to womens football and Mary Phillip, former England international and current manager of Peckham Town.

Link - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/extra/k7nszhqym9/now-you-see-her

I do like these in-depth articles they do on various bits, as it follows on from the one on James Coppinger a few weeks ago.

Things I learned from this - I had no idea QPR won the Womens FA Cup in 1977, and were runners up in 1976 and 1978. There is no mention that I can find on the QPR website of the history of our womens team, or that we have won the Womens FA Cup in our history. Although from Wikipedia we lost the 1978 final 8-2 so perhaps we don't want to mention that anyway...

But this, and the recent increase in popularity in womens football has got me thinking a fair bit as to whether I should take more of an active interest in the fortunes of our womens team. After all, they are still QPR, and they are still representing our club, and arguably logically there is no reason why I should support our mens team, but not have any interest in our womens team.

Obviously the history of how womens football was banned for so long helps explain why there is such a disparity in the modern day mens and womens game, but that is never going to get fully closer without people like me being more active in supporting it.

Certainly got me thinking.
BBC article - "The Impossible Dream"
at 12:43 30 Mar 2021

Really good read this - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/extra/hfe5e1289y/The-Impossible-Dream

Two best mates who's football careers went in very different directions - and cleverly keep the surname of the one who had a good career hidden until the end - although if you're a good football buff you could probably work it out a bit earlier.

Coventry going home...(again)
at 12:31 10 Mar 2021


The trials and tribulations of that over the years have been written about far better than anything I could muster by individuals far more qualified.

But ultimately it really is barmy that a stadium that was ultimately built for Coventry City has ended up with them spending so many years away from it in its short history, and sold to another club entirely! Especially when that club moved 70-80 odd miles to do it.

Good for their fans at least.

I still remember that first game at the Ricoh and it being like the Wild West outside...crazy.
The Chelsea Way...
at 17:38 15 Jan 2021


Crazy, but this guy will probably be the first of many with records like this...
FA Cup
at 12:51 7 Nov 2020

First round this weekend, am appreciative of the number of games available to watch on the BBC this weekend.

Tonbridge Angels v Bradford City on at the moment, 2-0 to Bradford in 15 minutes, the sides gulfs apart currently.

Anyone watching any of them this weekend? Am going to watch the games involving non-league sides, nice to see teams at different levels.
QPR Runners - Run the 92
at 13:44 9 Sep 2020

One for the runners out there...

I know the QPR Runners Facebook group has had some coverage on here before.

Starting this Saturday, to coincide with the start of a new football season, we're starting a virtual running challenge as a group to cover the mileage required to "visit" all 92 Football League grounds in England and Wales, as we're not allowed to attend real football matches still.

The overall distance needed to cover is 2,227 miles (or 3,586km). We've even got pretty maps that show a route, starting and finishing of course from the KPF.

As part of it, hoping to raise a few quid for the QPR in the Community Trust, although it isn't compulsory, is just a nice challenge for QPR fans with an interest in running to take part in and see how long it takes us as a group to cover that mileage!

Whether you can run a mile, or 100 miles, you are welcome to take part. Find the "QPR Runners" group on Facebook for the full information on what we are doing if you are interested
Where do QPR play...? For map geeks!
at 12:07 19 Aug 2020

Obviously not as dumb a question as it appears...a friend of mine has found a function on the OS website where you can have a split screen of historic maps against current ones and see how they've changed over time. The one she sent has a 1888-1913 map on one side, and modern day satellite imagery on the other.

I find stuff like this absolutely fascinating, and have already looked loads around Leicester, especially as the estate where I currently live was once the mainline for the Great Central Railway approx. half a mile south of Leicester Central station - all now long gone of course!

Anyway, I've scrolled down to our little lovely corner of West London, and whilst there is a football pitch shaped rectangle where Loftus Road is, there's no label for "Football Ground". Nor does South Africa Road, or anything between South Africa Road and Wormwood Scrubs other than farmland appear to exist! The Hammersmith & City Line is on the map, but the Central Line doesn't appear to be.

I know we have the history of a large number of grounds in our history, so on the map on the left where were we playing at this time? Can you find QPR FC? I genuinely have no idea where we were then so I'd love to find out!

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London 2012
at 17:51 10 Aug 2020

Slightly inspired by Brian's post, but yesterday would have been the end of Tokyo 2020, had the world not gone bonkers in the last 5 months.

Over the past 2 weeks me & Mrs have been watching the day by day highlights from the BBC boxset that was released after London 2012, so we were inline with Tokyo 2020 (and thus slightly out of sync with the day by day highlights of 2012 BBC are showing on their sports website at the moment).

We started 2 weeks ago with the Opening Ceremony - what a wonderful show that was, I still feel the giddy excitement now at seeing it all from the start. Although getting through the athlete's parade is a marathon in its own right.

Always remember the Closing Ceremony being a bit naff, but I think thats also because it was such a wonderful 2 weeks I never wanted it to end.

Was gutted I never got to go to any events live, other than football in Coventry, which was probably one of the last venues you'd really want to go. I did manage to get a day in the Olympic Park in the Paralympics which slightly made up for it. Even now I love the Olympic Park, though it is of course a shadow of what it was for that fortnight. I have also swam in the Olympic Pool, my first and only time being in a 50m pool! Did that a couple of years ago.

Mrs worked as a Games Maker for both the Olympics and Paralympics, based at the Millenium Dome, so watching all the highlights back for the first time in 8 years was for her a lot of completely new stuff, as she missed a lot of it due to the shifts she worked (including Super Saturday, although her experience of it was hearing all the roars coming from the concourses as each medal came in!)

A wonderful summer. Interesting watching back of course as some fairly big British names have been caught up in various big news stories in the 8 years since (Bradley Wiggins and the mysterious package, Mo Farah and Salazar, even Jess Varnish and some of the gymnasts with the bullying allegations against British Cycling / British Gymnastics of recent times...)

What memories do you all have of that summer? What did you manage to see if you got to anything?
South Africa 2010
at 09:18 11 Jun 2020

Football's first World Cup in Africa kicked off 10 years ago today.

Any memories from that tournament?

Was a pretty naff World Cup from what I can remember, lots of dull games, the swerving ball controversy, those bloody vuvuzelas...

France were rubbish and didnt win a game - that was the one where Evra stormed out and Domenech was picking the team by astrology or something wasn't it?

England - Rob Green throwing the ball in against the US, ITV missing England's goal in that game, the famous "USA Win 1-1!" headline, Wayne Rooney being captured on camera saying something like "nice to be booed by your own fans" after we drew 0-0 with Algeria who had a Watford player in their team, eventually scraping past Slovenia before being wallopped by the Germans in Round 2 - but would that game have been different if Lampard's ghost goal had been allowed to make it 2-2?

Spain - won it by boring everyone to death by passing 3 million times to each before winning 1-0 (I looked it up this morning, they won every game from Round 2 to the Final 1-0...)

Netherlands - losing finalists, though did their best to win by systematically attempting to murder every Spanish player before they had a chance to score. Possibly the most lenient refereeing performance ever seen in the world by Howard Webb who took until the 109th minute to send someone off...and that wasn't Nigel de Jong despite the fact he nearly snapped Xabi Alonso in two along the midriff at one point.

Spain eventually scored in the 116th minute when the one man advantage meant they had someone not being murdered free to score.

Although the Dutch did at least get their revenge 4 years later when everyone had worked out if you just pressurised Spain and attacked them with speed you could beat them, and thus stuffed them 5-1.

So, anyone else remember stuff from 2010?
First Away Game
at 12:49 2 Jun 2020

Right, lets have some football chat

The club have in the last few days asked people to share their memories of their first home game, so on here how about sharing of memories of your first away trip for the R's? Double kudos if your first away game was also your first QPR game full stop.

My first away game was Wolves v QPR at Molineux in August 1996, at the beginning of the 96/97 season.

Things I can remember (I was 7 at the time so I cant remember a great deal)...
- There being an almighty thunder storm on the way up there in my Dad's car
- Going to a supermarket before the game for food and annoying my Dad by being a fussy child and not really wanting any of the children's food on offer
- Seeing the QPR team arrive, and the back of the program listing Kevin Gallen in the QPR team when we all knew he had just had a huge injury (this was in the days when programs just listed the prior match squad of 14)
- We didn't actually have tickets in the away end, so my Dad bought 2 tickets in the home ticket office, then when in the ground asked a steward if we could move to the away end. I think the fact he had a small child with him helped persuade the steward to walk us around the edge of the pitch and in with the QPR fans.
- I can remember absolutely bugger all of the game itself, although it was the game where Dichio scored that volley from approximately* 45,000 yards out

*Approximations may not be very accurate.

So come on then y'all, spill the beans on your first away day memories!

Fun extra fact, my second, and to date last trip to Molineux, came on the Easter weekend in the 2007/08 season when we drew 3-3, having been 3-2 up until the referee decided to play a ridiculous amount of injury time/until Wolves scored. A bloke behind me was going spare as he had put £10 on Ladbrokes Special Bet A in the away end betting booth of Akos Buzsaky to score the first goal and QPR to win 3-2 at 135/1. Akos did of course open the scoring in that match.
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The First Team (New BBC Comedy)
at 21:07 29 May 2020

By the creators of The Inbetweeners - saw the first episode on BBC2 last night then watched the rest of it on iPlayer today.

Anyone watch it?

On the whole - although it is based on Premiership football - actually very little football. Typical Inbetweeners style with hands over your face type awkward humour, and some good laugh out loud bits... though on the whole probably not really that good but I still managed to get hooked. Football is a very hard thing to make a comedy out of as it just ends up a bit of a caricature of itself.

Anyway, QPR link - I believe Iain Morris is a QPR fan? Definite QPR nuggets in there anyway - there's one scene in the fifth episode where the team is in the dressing room and you can see where they have the players names on the top of each dressing room bench...included in the names are "Tarabt" and "Bankole". Not sure if the "Tarabt" is a deliberate misspelling by the producers!

There's one scene where they say goodbye to a long serving manager thats filmed at The Valley, and some outdoor bits at the Olympic Stadium.
Potential solution to the Behind Closed Doors issue...
at 09:20 18 May 2020


If you get the right sort, you might even be able to generate some crowd noise!
92/93 Season Review
at 21:21 1 Apr 2020

Anyone watch this on the club website/Facebook page tonight?

Really enjoyed it.

Oh for football to be like then, felt so much more innocent, much better spread of teams across the league, everyone closer on points....

Oh and we were pretty decent too!
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