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UK True crime podcast Episode 146
at 09:13 28 Aug 2019

A story about a professional football club and a drama in the boardroom. I wonder what club that is??
Gary Monk resigns from Leeds
at 13:42 25 May 2017

Leeds revolving car park space for the manager seems to be working
Have all of you got an alibi for Saturday evening
at 12:39 9 May 2017

Good to see BBC Devon going in with the big news story of the day
at 10:59 28 Mar 2017


Expect the Metro to run with this as their main headline in the morning
Why QPR is so special
at 14:07 20 Mar 2017

Up to 9 years ago I used to travel home and away and had a season ticket in the upper loft but my daughter was born and I made the decision to give the season ticket a miss so I could spend Saturdays with her. Did I miss it, Yes but I missed the catch up with friends more than the football at times over the years.
I have continued to make it down to a few games a season bringing my daughter & also for the Brentford game last year my son who is 4.
I decided to get tickets for the Rotherham game and bring them both down as I thought we might get the result we all wanted despite knowing we could easily give them their only double of the year.
I took them to the club shop before and we were lucky enough to get to have a couple of pictures with some of the players being Michael Doherty, Conor and the highlight for the children Jamie Mackie. Jamie is my son’s favourite player and it started via their head teacher who is a Plymouth fan and after presenting him with his birthday card from the school at the assembly the day after the Reading game telling them that he knew “His Daddy would be happy after winning but Jamie was an ex-argyle player” Since then after I taught him the Mackie Wonderland song you can hear him singing to himself as he plays football. You can’t imagine the joy on their faces when Jamie told them “He hoped they enjoyed the day”. Brilliant stuff and something so simple can make children’s days so well done to the players for not doing the old stick the headphones on routine and ignore all around them.
After looking around the community day event we met up with a few friends and the children were full of the joys. I bumped into a few old faces and Rosemary asked who they were and I explained they were people I had got to know though the years and she remarked “You seemed to have made a lot of friends through going to football” She was right. Once we saw the Tiger cubs and explaining to Rosemary about what they did made me think that we do have something very special in our corner of W12. On the Tiger cubs I bumped into Chris Charles from the podcast and felt the need to congratulate him on what they had done. It might have sounded very garbled to Chris but it seemed to be the right thing to do as I was very proud of not just my team on Saturday but of the club and fans. I know that people have been saying we have lost our way but if Saturday has anything to go by we are on the way back.
To round off the day my wife picked us up from the station where 2 very tired children and 1 knackered adult got into the car and were asked “How was your day” My daughters reply was “It was the best”.
Thanks QPR
BT Sport
at 13:44 6 Mar 2017

I see that BT Sport have won exclusive rights to Champions league football until 2021 which means no highlights of games or live coverage on free to air TV. They have said highlights and the final will be available on social media.

After seeing the boxing thread on here earlier about the PPV market it wont be long before they start doing it with football.

I am not that bothered about the CL but what a shame that the so called elite competition in Europe isn't available to watch without paying a subscription.
Best fans
at 09:26 24 Feb 2017

Apart from our merry band just wondering what set of supporters have impressed you. I went to the Spurs game at the Bobby Zamora Stadium last night and the travelling Gent fans all 10,000 were fantastic where as the Spurs fans I thought were very quiet even when they went 1 up.
Millwall's vocal support has always impressed me at HQ too.
Here is something to make you feel happier
at 08:41 6 May 2016

The Sun is shining and this has made me think that the big man upstairs is trying tomake me happy

Ticket charges
at 12:22 24 Feb 2016

As a member I have purchased a ticket for myself and my daughter ( who is also a member) for the Brentford game.
What the heck is the £3.50 charge for.
The tickets go direct on my membership card and so there is no need for any manual printing off of the tickers and postage costs. So why the charge??
Its a pain in the backside and a complete rip off.
Its not just QPR tickets, Go to any concert now and there is an admin fee.
They are a bunch of modern day Dick Turpins.

Moan over
2016 calendar plea to club
at 12:26 2 Feb 2016

Any chance the club can produce a sticker with Samba's head so we can put it on the 2016 calendar to replace the splitters that left in the window. #sambaforskipper
Kenny Samson
at 10:05 22 Jan 2016

I don't normally watch The Jeremy Kyle show ( too many Chelscum fans on it for my liking) but I saw the advert and it is such a sad story.
Such a fall from grace and very sad.
Thankfully he finally accepted help and went into a 12 week rehab. I wish him the best of luck
[Post edited 22 Jan 2016 10:29]
Christmas Jokes Ideas please
at 14:24 11 Dec 2015

I have to put together a few jokes with a Christmas theme for work. As this board is full of comic genius a little help would be appreciated
Remember it's for a work email so the content must be clean.....ish
Bank Holiday
at 08:34 12 Aug 2015

Cant believe I have just had a phone call from my boss asking me why I have not turned up for work.
Has anyone else had an issue with their employer not complying with the rule that if QPR win a cup game the Nation gets a bank holiday.
Wexford R's
at 22:03 18 Aug 2014

On Holiday in Ireland and while driving from Rosslare to Kilmore Quay via a slight detour we spotted a house with a big QPR flag in the window. Good work whoever you are.
We are every where
How may pies
at 15:28 24 Jun 2013

Carlo Ancelotti has piled on a few ppounds recently and got a job in Ireland
Question Time
at 08:35 3 May 2013

After watching last nights show it just confirmed that our very own Victoria Coren is a wonderful thing.

How the hell did she fall into the charms of David Mitchell.

So would you ?
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