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Bournemouth and P&S 10:50 - Dec 22 with 3117 viewsHastings_Hoops

Sorry if I’m off the pace and this is a well known point - is promotion for Bournemouth this season ‘do or die’ relating to profit and sustainability rules? Must be surely?
Bournemouth and P&S on 11:20 - Dec 22 with 3017 viewsLanhoop

Would imagine they will be ok with the player sales they have done. Danjuma, Ramsdale, Wilson, Ake all went for big money.
Bournemouth and P&S on 14:14 - Dec 22 with 2738 viewsfrancisbowles

Plus it's a three year cycle and they will have two years premier league TV money and a parachute payment to include in their income figure.
Bournemouth and P&S on 20:33 - Dec 22 with 2508 viewsHastings_Hoops

I assume that they will very much be over a barrel to sell which is never good and forced to transition to re-build from grass roots which takes a few years (as we know).
Bournemouth and P&S on 23:48 - Dec 22 with 2297 viewsnix

They reportedly lost £30 million two years ago and £60 million last season but have £50 million profit on player sales which will come into this season's accounts, but really related to last season's sales of Ake etc. So they should be fine for this season. They may have to cut the wage bill for next season though if they don't go up as they'll still be carrying the £60 million loss from the previous season to compute into losses over a three year period.
Bournemouth and P&S on 08:11 - Dec 23 with 2134 viewsSimonD

There are a few points to bear in mind with regard to Bournemouth's losses.

For both the 2018/19 (£32m) and 2019/20 (£60m) seasons they were in the Premier League where the Upper Loss Threshold is £35m as opposed to £13m in the Championship.

2019/20 is the season which was interrupted by the first Covid lockdown. A percentage of their revenue, in particular their broadcasting rights, was, in effect, deferred until their following accounting year which is yet to be published. This gives a misleading impression of that season. There will also be some Covid related cost which would be deducted from their P&S calculation along with the standard exceptional items.

Finally the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons are being treated as one season in all P&S calculations so that deferment will become immaterial. The figures for their 2020/21 financial year will also include the profit of £50m from the player registration sales detailed by Nix and their first parachute payment of £42m.

Their parachute payment has reduced to £35m for this season and drop to £15m (I think) the following season. Considering the capacity of their stadium, I think that they will be looking at a significant re-vamp this summer should they not win promotion.
Bournemouth and P&S on 08:29 - Dec 23 with 2080 viewsTheChef

I assume they're still OK as long as their Russian oligarch remains as owner.

Poll: How old is everyone on here?

Bournemouth and P&S on 12:09 - Dec 23 with 1879 viewsSimplyNico

Bournemouth and P&S on 08:29 - Dec 23 by TheChef

I assume they're still OK as long as their Russian oligarch remains as owner.

Whilst they might not go to the wall, the owner's personal wealth is irrelevant for P&S purposes (as a certain club in W12 can confirm).
Bournemouth and P&S on 13:45 - Dec 23 with 1783 viewsDavieQPR

Their average home attendance this season is just over 9000. Got to eventually cause problems. Plus they only have room to fit 2-2500 more.
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