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Warburtons blue and white army
at 00:07 29 Apr 2022

Would be nice if the entire second half was filled this this chant tomorrow - win, lose or draw.
Who does Steve Cook Replace?
at 15:00 29 Dec 2021

I would imagine that Steve Cook will be joining us on the assumption of first team football - in which case, who does he replace (style of play / positioning) - I must admit to being a bit ignorant on that one.

Also, I assume that this indicates that:

1) Dickie and / or Barbet will definitely be gone by next season.
2) we’re planning ahead and assuming Cook’s experience could be a great help to Dickie and Dunne in settling into the prem.

…most likely hedging our bets each way.
Bournemouth and P&S
at 10:50 22 Dec 2021

Sorry if I’m off the pace and this is a well known point - is promotion for Bournemouth this season ‘do or die’ relating to profit and sustainability rules? Must be surely?
If Dickie Does Get Sold
at 21:32 25 Aug 2021

…please no, but for the right money;

1) I trust that this management and recruitment team have a plan and targets lined up.
2) I would expect that Dunne could step up - good signs so far.
3) would a cash injection in consideration of the above actually improve our squad and therefore chances of success this season, allowing us to strengthen the entire squad across the pitch?

Kelman tomorrow
at 22:39 20 Aug 2021

In a way, if dykes is injured, I do hope that kelman gets a decent runout - could be the making of him.
[Post edited 20 Aug 2021 22:39]
Pride of West London Chant
at 20:59 11 Aug 2021

Why “we hate Cardiff City…”? Wouldn’t it be better to swap for “we hate Fulham, Chelsea and Brentford are…”?
Adomah yesterday
at 08:58 8 Aug 2021

No criticism of Warbs because he clearly knows more than most of us, but I can’t help but feel that yesterday was a perfect opportunity to have brought Uncs on for the second half instead of Thomas - the game was crying out for an old head to put a foot on the ball and pick some passes in the attacking half and Uncs is more than capable of playing that role.
…still pleased with the result all things considered.
Great to hear a bit of “warburton’s blue and white army.” - well deserved Warbs.
[Post edited 8 Aug 2021 9:00]
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Added Value
at 19:11 8 May 2021

As recently as 24 months ago we were struggling to get £5m for our star player - we must now have five or so players under long term contracts which are worth at least that now.

Great stuff. Well done Les, Lee, Warbs, Chris and the board!
at 18:41 6 Mar 2021

Thought Kakay looked very good in a back three today - I thought the same last season when he played there - seems more his natural position that wing-back.
Dykes and Bonne
at 19:16 20 Feb 2021

I do wish that the gob$hites on twitter wouldn’t do that thing where they turn on ‘weak link of the week’... it appears to be Dykes’ turn this week and an absolute outpouring of despair at him being selected today and now pointed justification as “he proved them right”.

It was Kane a month ago. Wallace the other week.

We need to make hay while the sun shines and squeeze every possible benefit of Charlie Austin’s presence in this loan spell. Pair them up and hope that Dykes’ confidence and game grows. Same for Bonne.

As for Bonne - Bircham summed it up perfectly on the pod this week saying he’s more comfortable with players missing chances, than not having chances in the first place.
Stejskal and Roberts
at 08:21 8 Feb 2021

Reading the other thread about Dieng with interest and I notice that Stejskal appears to be accepted as the best keeper since Seaman - imho I agree.

I was only 11 - 15 when he was with QPR, which makes me a bit young to understand all things football, but why was there such a tussle for the number 1 jersey with Roberts at the time? I do know there were communication problems in his first season which arguably carried through - eg those three terrible goals against palace.

By all accounts Roberts gets pellets on this board - but he and Jan pretty much shared the jersey throughout the early to mid 90’s?
Timely Sticking Plasters
at 19:57 6 Feb 2021

Listened to the QPR pod this week - and as usual very much enjoyed it. Brilliant melancholy but well thought through contributions from Clive.

One thing mentioned was a concern about the three signings this January being sticking plasters. I totally agree, being mindful of context - eg, it's a good good thing.

Amos and Caroll were signed in the summer, using up some of the (vastly dwindling) Eze money and then got injured. Amos in particular was showing his worth in the plan. Then Caroll. Part misfortune and part lack of planning given the injury history of these two? In truth, they sign for a lower championship team for a reason, so we can't be too hard on the DoF / Manager for this.

Dykes has been isolated and his confidence has shrunk week on week, but there is something there - I believe he will click.

The signing of De Wis is sensible to allow Masterson to go out on loan and rack up appearances towards the magic 50 and he will come back better for it - maybe when Dickie is sold.

The Johansen signing is exactly what we need and he adds grit to a feeble team and hopefully trains Ball and Betache in "dark arts".

Similarly, the Austin signing has added an on-field coach for Bonne and Dykes (and Kelman?), a big presence, a loud voice and more coaching in the dark arts of winning football matches.

I don't anticipate that any of the above are a long term fixture at QPR. I don't think they need to be. I do think that their introduction will keep the good ship QPR afloat this season, allowing the buy cheap & sell high model to grow.

On that subject - this is looking really promising and I believe Ferdinand / Warburton's scouting in a post-covid landscape could be very good indeed.

Dieng - playing brilliantly: 4 years on his contract
Dickie - playing brilliantly: 3-4 years on his contract
Chair - playing brilliantly: 5 years on his contract
I even think that Barbet could be worth a million or so come the end of this season.

...however - wouldn't it be great if we scraped into 6th and went up this season! Would love to keep these lads on the books and build from there!

Willock & Uncs
at 08:36 20 Jan 2021

With a heavy heart that we have to accept that BOS won’t be featuring for us any more, but as a few of my previous posts my opinion is hat Adomah has proved to be far more dangerous in his cameo performances. Others have seen huge potential in Willock.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens now that QPR is accidentally in a position of having to play them - my suspicion is noticeably more rounded team performances and more genuine chance creation in dangerous positions rather than running at brick walls.
BOS Up Front
at 09:25 10 Jan 2021

I cannot understand why, after such an improved attacking performance against Norwich with BOS up front we went back to the same old Dykes/Bonne in attack yesterday.

I am still in favour of keeping Warbs, but again, this type of reversion to past failings confuses me.

Would be interesting to see Austin coaching Kelman/Dykes moving forward. Maybe loaning out Bonne.

Would also be good for BOS to get an earful from Austin if he continues to be too selfish with his crosses!
[Post edited 10 Jan 2021 9:28]
Double standards?
at 23:35 2 Jan 2021

Wondered if anyone knows the answer to this: given the decision to not play Manning, but to play Bright throughout the contract stand-off; is it actually more to do with the fact that Manning would leave for nothing (no compensation due to age), whereas BOS would attract compensation.

Does the tribunal decide the value of the compensation by the amount of games played for the club - this would explain a business case for the difference in approach - the more demonstrably important Bright is, the higher the compensation?

Shodipo’s on fire
at 17:02 2 Jan 2021

Seems to be having a great loan spell at Oxford. A bit of confidence abs hopefully a BOS replacement already in the ranks. Under contract until 2022.
at 17:58 19 Dec 2020

Is Eustace a managerial option?..

Knows the squad - good, bad and its potential.

Would work with the squad he’s got.

Key point... maybe more flexible and less stubborn?
at 19:09 18 Dec 2020

...someone I thought we should have gone in for in the summer. Seems he’s got 12 goals in 18 games for Peterborough this season. That’ll price him out of our reach now!
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