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EFL - Championship loan and (some) fans back at matches this season?
at 13:09 31 Mar 2021

The EFL have announced they've arranged a £117.5m loan to help Championship clubs in the Covid crisis - about £4.9m per club if divided out equally.

Also, crowds of up to 10,000 or 25% of a stadium's capacity, whichever is lower, could be allowed back in April, if trials go well.

So, a little bit of good/promising news and, potentially, light at the end of the tunnel...

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Derby County takeover - off
at 13:04 17 Mar 2021


Lee Hoos - trying to get QPR's FFP fine reduced
at 11:05 20 Jan 2021

The Daily Wail is reporting Hoos has written to EFL clubs appeailing for suppport in reducing the club's £42m fine.

"'We have never tried to cloud the issues. We have not used cross-company charges, sale and leaseback or any other accounting mechanisms which would have materially affected our return nor were we non-cooperative with a view to dragging out proceedings.'

Hoos believes there was a positive reaction to the plea. He said: 'The document was well-received within the room. There was only one club who expressed their disagreement. In conversations with my colleagues afterwards there appeared to be a great deal of sympathy with QPR.' "

Full article:

QPR shirt sponsor Football Index in trouble...
at 09:43 20 Jan 2021

Interesting read in the Observer about the problems QPR (and Forest) shirt sponsors Football Index are going through. I thought they were just another betting company (never really looked into it...) and hadn't realised, that they 'traded' in virtual player values, with customers betting on their future values, rather like on the Stock Exchange. Football Index customers can buy and sell these virtual shares - only thing is, values have crashed because of Covid and customers are likely to take a massive hit when selling - if they can even find a buyer...

From the article (which is now on the Guardian web site):

A series of share-price crashes and rule changes on the betting site Football Index has led to increasing concerns that its clients now have millions of pounds trapped in the platform that has no protection if the firm ceases trading.

Football Index, the shirt sponsor of Nottingham Forest and QPR, is a self-styled football stock market where users trade virtual shares in top players. It was launched in 2015 offering “a challenge” to traditional forms of betting on football.

It sells time-limited “shares” in footballers that can then return “dividends” over the course of a three-year contract. Dividends normally range from 1p to 14p per share and are based on the player’s performances on the pitch and their media profile. The shares can be sold to other users to retrieve some or all of a user’s stake from the exchange – but only if the owner can find a buyer.

This has become increasingly difficult of late after crashes in the price of shares. A share in Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho cost £15.04 in early September, falling to £12.33 on 15 September and has since hit a series of lows: £10.31 on 3 October, £5.76 on 19 November and £4.20 on 22 December. A share cost £5.28 on Thursday, a 65% drop from its peak.

Full article, including suggestions of dodgy dealings, threats and intimidation (bring back Gianni Paladini, all is forgiven...) is here:


So, new shirt sponsor next season...??

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Charlie Austin - next season...?
at 13:36 14 Jan 2021

OK, Chaz is only just back though the front door at Loftus Road...

His contract will be up at West Brom in the summer and he'll be a free agent - turning 32 in July.

If West Brom stay up, they won't want him, but they might offer him a new contract if relegated.

Spotrac have him on £70,000 a week currently - https://www.spotrac.com/epl/west-bromwich-albion-fc/charlie-austin-22948/ - obviously this will be much reduced in the Championship next season.

An EFL report among Championship clubs last year showed that the highest paid players in each club were paid on on average £29,000 per week (one club was paying £68,000 a week). These are 'basic' wages, with bonuses paid on top.

No idea where we sit in that report, but I'd guess in the bottom third.

I'm assuming we'll want to sign him in the summer if he does well, stays more or less fit - and that we're not relegated. But I can't imagine we'd be able to offer him more than £20k-ish. There are players who'd take a financial hit to play for the club they love - but would Charlie?

He's making all the right noises at the moment, but would he sign for us if the likes of Watford, Swansea, Bristol City or Forest come knocking with a few more quid in their pockets?
McClaren cartoon - cruel (but funny...)
at 12:34 31 Aug 2018

QPR 1st Supporters Trust...
at 14:59 16 Aug 2018

In their words:

"A government-backed and independent not-for-profit Supporters Trust for Queens Park Rangers Football Club."

Is anyone here a member? What does 'government-backed' mean (maybe our infamous support Michael Gove is a member...)?

They've posted a seriously of slightly lecturing and rather self-important Tweets today aimed at Amit, and berating TF.

They seem pretty a pretty quiet bunch - anyone know how many members they have and what they actually DO?

Certainly in terms of 'presence', they fall way behind the likes of WLS, LFW and (dare I say it...?), even WATRB.

[Apologies in advance if they do loads and are a great bunch of lads]

QPR win award for #Game4Grenfell
at 12:38 13 Jun 2018

"...our winner is #GameForGrenfell, where the local football club delivered an incredible event raising money for its community at such a poignant time and within sight of the location of the tragic tower block fire.

“True credit should be given to the club who are continuing with their support of the victims of Grenfell to this day.”

Well done Rangers - whatever you think about the running of the club, we still get the important stuff right.


Championship spending - we're top of the league!
at 09:40 7 Jun 2018

In terms of profit for 2016-17, according to Deloittes.

Blimey, are we doing things right at last!!!???

The summer transfer window...
at 17:43 15 May 2018

I was surprised to find out just now that the domestic EFL transfer window has been open since 7th May.

It closes before the season starts, on 9th August (sense at last...)

The window for international transfers opens on 9th June.

EFL clubs can sign loan players up to the 31 August.

Apologies if everyone here knew that!

Arsenal away at CSK Moscow... oooer
at 15:19 6 Apr 2018

Blimey, what an away trip THAT one looks, given the current sh*tstorm...

Doubtless the players and staff will have massive security - but away fans???

If you were an Arsenal fan, would you be tempted to travel?

If you were an Arsenal player - would you develop a sudden mystery illness or sprain?

QPR fan consultation: minutes published
at 17:39 6 Mar 2018

The minutes of the meeting can be seen here:


The two most interesting points concerned the new stadium and the training ground.

A statement was read concerning the stadium, but not detailed in the minutes. So presumably little to report.

Regarding the latest news on Warren Farm, Lee Hoos answered that.

"The Warren Farm Judicial review has been heard and we expect a decision imminently."

So hopefully some progress there at last.

Briatore JAILED for fraud!!!
at 10:57 15 Feb 2018

This brightened up my morning...

"Ex-boss [F1] Briatore given 18-month jail sentence

Former Benetton and Renault boss Flavio Briatore has been sentenced to 18 months in prison on appeal for tax fraud.

The charge relates to the ownership of a multi-million-dollar super yacht called ‘Force Blue”, which was initially seized in 2010.

Briatore’s sentence was reduced from 23 months to 18 months, even though prosecutors asked for the sentence to be extended to four years.

Briatore was convicted of not paying a VAT bill worth €3.6millon on the yacht’s value and a further €800,000 in fuel duties between 2006 and 2010.

Briatore claims he does not own the yacht, while his lawyers have confirmed they will appeal the sentence again.

Briatore’s lawyer said: “We take note of the judge’s decision and will appeal to the supreme court. We are convinced of Mr Briatore’s innocence.”

Absolutely f****** hilarious!!


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What's your closest team? [edit - now plus Postcode map]
at 16:32 16 Jan 2018

Many/most of us will have moved since deciding to support QPR. So what are your closest teams distance-wise in the top four divisions? Mine are:

Prem: Brighton
Championship: Millwall
League 1: Gillingham
League 2: Crawley

LFW members location map: https://www.mapcustomizer.com/map/LFW-QPR

If you want to be on the map, just post the first part of your postcode in this thread - or full postcode if you prefer (which will identify where you live within a couple of streets).

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