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omg man u 0 liverpool 5 with 40 minutes to go
at 17:49 24 Oct 2021

taxi for ole
Major crime scene @ Selhurst Park
at 06:12 24 Oct 2021



Covers that are as good if not better
at 19:42 23 Oct 2021

turn it up mothercluckers !!!!!!
Not that long ago
at 15:44 18 Oct 2021

Say 30/40 years , when someone passed away the cause of death was either
a, cancer or b, "old age" but these days nobody dies of "old age "
Is there anyone out there who knows the answer ?
Lets make some money !
at 16:36 5 Oct 2021

This saturday Catalan Dragons play St Helens at Old Trafford 1800 hrs

As spoke about previously Catalan Dragons are fantastic to watch this season but St Helens are no walkover.
However the big juicy carrot is that Catalan are 2/1 with Betfred which i think is very generous so before the odds plummet get on it !
If it all goes tits up i will LFW isolate for ten days !
I cant say fairer than that !
Macauley Miles Bonne dus a Nigel Clough
at 11:29 26 Sep 2021

Bucket list ticked off
at 11:45 29 Aug 2021

When i was younger walking past the green looking at people drinking out of a can/bottle i use to think "OMG you must be a frig gin tramp to do that !"
Well yesterday i joined the elite club whilst celebrating a great day and i have to say ive really missed days like yesterday.
British Rail did its best to put the mockers on our day but at Watford i had 15 minutes to find some refreshment and a polish deli came up trumps with some 5.6% paraffin which went down great guns.
As for the game i thought the Coventry defender who had his hair like a young Billy Ocean was very good the way he contained our attacking down the wing,now im not gonna complain about my seat or the toilets or the queues becos i loved every single minute of yesterday and the good things far outweighed the bad.
After the game met a 91 year old fan who was waiting for his younger brother of 86 years and spoke about the players when he was younger !
Also met some Fulham fans on the tube and a Coventry father and son on the train good times good crac which is what going to football is all about.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE days like yesterday
So please dont ever take my Rangers away La LA La LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA
Whilst watching The Big Match Revisited yesterday,the phone rings,
at 12:21 29 Jul 2021

its my eldest brother and he is watching it as well as Rangers play Liverpool,Eastoe scores up the Kop end but then it all goes belly up with Keegan (who looked off side ) scoring and Rangers losing 3-1 but as the goals went in it seemed to me that Parkes was having a mare ! Which then led the conversation towards who was Rangers best keeper and who was the worst !
We both agreed that in the worst catorgory first place went to Tony Roberts although my brother mentioned someone called Richardson who was bad !
And the best was a mixed bag as i liked Ludo just because of that song,he mentioned Jan Steskal , Budgie and Kelly but we couldnt decide so over to you !
August fixtures
at 19:59 19 Jul 2021

If we start the way we finished then i see us near the top come the end of august,the problem game for me is Barnsley !

This sunday is a day you will never forget !
at 19:34 7 Jul 2021

forget shopping
forget the garden
get your flags out and lets get celebrating !!!!!!
What you got planned ?
Has the price of a pint gone up in your local since it opened up again ?
at 16:33 27 Jun 2021

and how much are you prepared to pay before you say enough is enough ! and how much is peroni in the crown and septre these days ?
Saturday Wales v Denmark
at 09:23 25 Jun 2021

Get ready for the Robbie Savage roadshow and dont forget he use to play for Derby,thats two reasons to support Denmark !
monkeyhangers 3 up
at 15:03 6 Jun 2021

anyone watching, ive got no commentry
just crowd noise ,so much better than being told what Robbie Savage had for lunch !
did anyone watch Catalan Dragons yesterday
at 15:00 30 May 2021

best rugby league ive seenin 40 odd years
at 10:43 29 May 2021

cmon the seasiders
at 19:34 18 May 2021

thats it
at 16:40 15 May 2021

anyway at work im running a playoff prediction ting and i thourght we could do it here
chose three teams one from each division,if your team wins the final you get three points if your team loses the final one point.
No money involved but immense kudos as supreme champion im negotiating with HQ that the winner wont have to queue when going for a slash or a balti pukka pie,just straight to the front. anyway heres mine

Forest Green

and predictions made after the first game kicks off on monday night will have to hold the winners member whilst having the aforemention slash
Ive got a man crush
at 19:14 8 May 2021

AND HIS NAME IS jORDY how do i describe him ,well it takes 15 cans of cider but he is a monster in our defence and yes he is injury prone however he has tattoos on his neck which makes you hard and he reminded me of Ian Gillard today heading the ball with enuf power to bust all those asbestostos panels holding the Ellerslie Rd stand together,if we just had one loan player to keep ,i want Tiny TIm !
As lockdown comes to an end.....
at 09:36 2 May 2021

its time to reflect on the amount of booze we have managed to demolish so heres the question...Whats the worst "worst for wear" youve been at a football match ?
Dosnt have to be at a Rangers match but if you wanna be the Barney Gumble of QPR your story needs to be good ! Apologies to any snowflakes offended by this thread.
Ill go first
1998 World Cup England v Columbia
UEFA implemented a 30 mile booze ban around the town of Lens.
Talk about red rag to a bull
So at duty free i purchased a litre of blue Smirnoff to decant into 3 tango black plastic bottles and flew to Brussells where i caught the train to Lens where i had arranged to met the lads,who where very worse for wear having come straight from a darts match the night before but in Lens there was mucho dibble with dogs and no pubs open ,this was midday and kick off was 19.30pm,so we decided to get the rattler to Vimy Ridge or Arras as thats where my grandad fought in WW1 ,Arras came first and we found an Irish bar full of english beer was flowing with "vindaloo" playing every other record,come tea time we were dancing on tables ,on the bar,outside it was great but i was determined to go to the game despite not having a ticket so we went back to Lens but near the ground the riot police were out in force and you couldnt get through the cordon without a ticket,one of our lot showed his ferry ticket and got a truncheon in his ribs,so i backtracked and went over about five gardens and ended up in the Columbian fans coachpark where i set about asking anyone for a spare ticket,half an hour later and a few swigs of tango and i got a ticket for £200 in the Columbian end.As i got into the ground a policeman took my tango bottle off me and i said to myself "thank god i dont want any more" but he only took the lid off and gave it back to me,Beckham scored Sicknote scored i shared the tango with my Columbian brothers and sisters and then made my way back to Arras where the party was in full swing !
I awoke the next day at the bottom of a block of flats between a wheelie bin and a pram very worse for wear !
Now beat that !
best ever header in a Rangers shirt
at 17:54 30 Apr 2021

Bradley Allen for me,great power
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