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Kirkland Laing R.I.P
at 15:04 10 Jun 2021

One of the most underrated boxers ever , could and should have been a World champ especially after beating Duran but just didn’t have the discipline out of the ring

RIP to the gifted one

Happy St George’s Day
at 08:19 23 Apr 2021

To everyone, As it’s a nice day il think il go for a long walk along the river and a pint of pride or bombardier for afters to toast is Englishmen

Btw Boris any chance of making this a bank holiday next year ?
Just to make us all feel old
at 20:39 1 Feb 2021

John Byrne is 60 today

Dog Sh1t
at 12:56 26 Jan 2021

No not QPR this time
But is it me or where I live has gone back to the 1970s but the amount of dog muck on pavements has gone up tenfold
I was like maradona in 86 the amount of dribbling I did to avoid the stuff on my lunchtime walk to the shops, who are these dirty scabs not picking it up ? They should be made to eat it
Is it just where I live or has anyone else noticed it ?
Fat Frank
at 10:48 25 Jan 2021

Getting the tin tack today apprantley
What a shame
Charlton in brother
at 19:06 29 Jul 2020


The EFL shouldn’t even be in charge of a kids Sunday league
Arsenal vs QPR 74 -75
at 10:05 10 Apr 2020

Came across this on YouTube , obviously a season before we should of been champions but this was the nucleus of that team
A few observations

Gerry & Stan really were world class and watching them you can see that even today they could play for a top team
Stan dives for the pen ala Rodney marsh
Typical rangers concede a crap goal in the last minute ( it must be our DNA)
Loved the admiral shirts
Leach had no pace
I miss Highbury
Also a question for the older fans , why was Don Rodgers so bad for us?
Sam Hutchinson
at 12:42 17 Feb 2020

Been told by a Sheff Wed mate ( season ticket holder) that Sam Hutchinson is training with us and will complete a transfer at the end of the season after falling out with Monk
Anyone know anything about this ?
Makes some sense as he can play right back and in midfield where we need players
Clark Carlisle
at 20:44 26 Nov 2019

Interesting stuff ,
Very talented centre back could have been top draw if it wasn’t for that injury and his demons

Attention Disco
at 15:38 11 Aug 2019

Did you get my PM ? p1ssing Sky broadband has been down for 2 days
Mansfield Town Porno
at 06:57 4 Jul 2019

Is it me or does this feel like something at the start of Porn Hub ?

Message for the Tune group
at 15:52 6 Apr 2019

If your reading this please sell the club and fcuk off you have ruined us through sheer incompetence, we were a premier league club when you took over and we will be league one in a few weeks time, couldn’t organise a p1ss up in a pub with a load of winos
We are a laughing stock an utter utter laughing stock , we used to be pioneers years ago kits, numbers 10s , Guinness sponsors, plastic pitch, Jim smiths sweeper system, Alex stocks 67 team, Dave sextons pass and move, Rodney, Stan , wegerle , now look we are getting d1cked by Norwich with their fans chanting easy
We are embarrassing and if anyone is naive enough to think things will change with this mob in charge your deluded , the only way is down and further down, there’s no plan for anything, there’s no startegy , no fcuk all , we survive day to day where as Brentford and Norwich have 5 year plans
I won’t spend another penny inside QPR whilst this board rule us with their sh1tty incompetence stick , il get the usual fcuk offs your not wanted from the usual suspects but I don’t care I followed us for 36 years and I’ve seen us be great and Sh1t but I can’t see us lurch from one crisis to the next whilst the fan base just shrugs it’s shoulders
Carol singing
at 13:33 13 Dec 2018

There I was at home hand down my pants scratching my vitals and shaking my head at the news
When the door bell went and a very attractive sixty odd year old woman asked me if I wanted to go carol singing , the only singing I know is my way on the karaoke after 10 pints or cmon you Rrrsss , anyway I was bribed with a mince pie and a wine and off I went much to the amysement of the Parker household , a good hour I was out there and I got to say I enjoyed it I even got a peck on the cheek off the lady in question and asked to go to midnight mass on Xmas eve (which I might do)
Am I going nuts or have I been born again ?
Bradley Johnson
at 21:17 28 Nov 2018

Our old mate could be in trouble after doing a Suarez on joe Allen
Villa vs Brentford
at 20:18 22 Aug 2018

Watching this and I can’t help but admire how Brentford play, every year they lose 3 or 4 players but they scout well and play quick organised football the difference to them and us is night and day , goes to show how far we have fallen
Predictions for the new season
at 14:03 30 Jul 2018

Totally bored at work and with the world cup a distant memory me and 5 lads have pulled a £20 kitty each on who will finish where and who will win what with the winner getting all the cash for the most predictions , so with the new season approaching im curious to know how all the footballing brains on here think it will go , ive had the following

Premier league Winners : City
2nd Liverpool
3rd Arsenal
4th Man Utd (just)


Fa cup: Chelsea
League cup : Man utd
Champions league :Juventus (you can see Ronaldo doing it again )

Championship : Stoke to win
Boro 2nd
Leeds in the play offs ( I think they will be dark horses )
Drinks World Cup
at 12:39 14 Jun 2018

ok so who wins out of the weekends games ?

Russia (Vodka) vs Saudi (expat Moonshine)

Russia Wins

France (Kronenberg) vs Australia (Fosters)

france wins comfortably

Spain (san Miguel) vs Portugal ( superbok)

Portugal wins

battle of the hubbley bubbly

Morroco vs Iran

Morroco (just)

Peru (pisco) vs Denmark (Carlsberg)

Denmark wins

Front Lawn unwritten rules
at 16:02 6 Jun 2018

I share the front lawn with my neighbour and he mowed it when I first moved in a couple of months back, now in my head there is un written rule that you take it turns now since that time he hasn't bothered to do anything and ive mowed it 4 times on the spin!! is this fcuker laying on his couch laughing at me ?? now because of the rain the front lawn looks terrible im thinking of mowing just my half but am I breaking the unwritten law here ? am I turning into alf garnett by telling the lazy sod to get off his arse and do his bit and il do my mine ?
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