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Teeth! 11:36 - May 7 with 567 viewsRangersDave

Hi chaps,

got a rear lower tooth that cracked a couple of years ago.

It left a bit of tooth and both roots in place, but i left it alone (hate dentists).
Now, 10 days ago it became infected In the cavity left from the broken bit. This spread up to my ear, chest, neck and lips.

I went to the dentist and they couldnt do anythjng because of the infection and gave me a course of antibiotics.

This had, i thought, cleared my infection and i plucked up courage to visit the dentist today to have it pulled.

No joy. There is an infection still there (more meds), and i had 4 or 5 (whatever the max allowed is), pain killing / numbing injections into the area, but it wouldnt budge, and also the pain was huge despite the injections.

Being the coward i am, any suggestions regarding further treatment please thats less trouble and pain?


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Teeth! on 11:38 - May 7 with 556 viewskensalriser

Ouch. My advice is to seek further advice from appropriate professionals.

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Teeth! on 12:09 - May 7 with 501 viewsPhildo

had a tooth out during the pandemic that had been root filled but still kept getting infected as some root still left in apparently . Have to go for day surgery at some point for them to cut into the jaw bone to get it out - suspect that's what you need?
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Teeth! on 12:16 - May 7 with 484 viewsWokingR

Sorry mate, I'm with you, I f*cking hate dentists.

Teeth! on 12:40 - May 7 with 444 viewsRs_Holy

yep really sorry to hear that Dave... I had a tooth split into 2 about 18 months ago... straight down the centre ... basically one tooth became 2.
I got lucky and had it pulled before it got infected. Bloody painful at the time and expensive but I got lucky and had it out before it got infected.
Good luck mate!

Teeth! on 19:10 - May 7 with 306 viewsDWQPR

Dave. Sounds like decapitation is the only option. Sorry mate.

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