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Aesthetic interpretation - Preview 09:09 - Sep 24 with 1244 viewsNorthernr


Aesthetic interpretation - Preview on 09:37 - Sep 24 with 1163 viewssprocket

Bloody hell Clive... 2-2 prediction again

Aesthetic interpretation - Preview on 10:20 - Sep 24 with 1071 viewsterryb

I think there is a big difference between West Brom & Barnsley last season. Albion don't have the pace that Barnsley could unleash upon us.

A back three & Barbet at left wing back should (hopefully) be able to cope with the aerial bombardment, especially if Dieng is coming off his line catching balls.

Of course, if McCallum is fit, I'm sure we would retain our terrific threesome on the left. Darnell Furlong would then have to cope in a way that he hasn't had to face since Arsenal came to the Bush!

Aesthetic interpretation - Preview on 11:29 - Sep 24 with 930 viewsjoe90

I’m feeling confident. The Everton game was a reminder that when we play our football it can pay off. In recent times this QPR side have surprised me by dealing very well with ‘tough’ run of fixtures and equally disappointing on an ‘easy’ run. I guess this is arguably a ‘tough’ run of fixtures and we’ve started very well…

Aesthetic interpretation - Preview on 12:40 - Sep 24 with 828 viewsnix

I saw WB's last minute bore-win against Peterborough. Hell it was painful. Every trick in the book was played from tactical fouling, to tactical diving. Trying to win free kicks around the oppo's penalty area. Awful long throw routines (it's okay as a novelty, but as a major strategy, no thanks).

They're a big, bruising team. They'll out-muscle us. So let's hope we outthink them.

I hope the ref has a good game because we're going to need it.

2-2 but (one of Brentford's) moral victory for us.

Aesthetic interpretation - Preview on 17:38 - Sep 24 with 467 viewsBrianMcCarthy

"But where we have struggled, against Derby, Forest, Huddersfield and Barnsley this year, is when teams are able to execute an energetic high press through the middle of midfield, choking off Stefan Johansen or whoever plays that role, and forcing QPR into that thing they’re rather prone to doing where the ball comes from Dieng to Dickie to the RWB, then back again, then Dieng to Barbet to the LWB and back again.

If Ismael is able to recreate his Barnsley griddle, tonight could be a long night. If it is as rudimentary as seems to have been the case against Millwall, Preston and Derby, then QPR have got every chance. About as fascinating as this dog league gets. See you all tonight."

Agree with this.
Can we play our football if they can execute a Barnsleyesque manic press?

Impossible to predict this one, but I'd bite yer hand off for a point.

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