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We've lost another R too young 19:15 - Oct 12 with 2616 viewsLongsufferingR

I met Mick through a colleague when I was working for EMI in the 80s, and as I had a season ticket in SAR, and he was an R who had stopped going to matches a few years previously, he decided to snap up the seat next to me for the next decade or so. He started to spend more time in Germany through his work in the mid 90s so gave up the ST but he still loved coming on the away trips where we would find some lovely pubs in the middle of nowhere to enjoy before the inevitable let down of the match.

The last time I saw him was the BZ play off final, so my lasting memory will be him beaming and screaming with delight as his glasses hung off his nose Eric Morecambe style when the goal went in.

A thoroughly decent, honest man with more integrity than you can imagine. A sad day.
We've lost another R too young on 19:27 - Oct 12 with 2532 viewsDaBurgh

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. What a marvelous epitath your last paragraph is.
RIP Mick
We've lost another R too young on 19:31 - Oct 12 with 2509 viewsDiscodroids

So Sorry. A Beautiful Tribute to a lost friend.


"...The monkey is never dead, Dealer. The monkey never dies. When you kick him off, he just hides in a corner, waiting his turn."

We've lost another R too young on 19:37 - Oct 12 with 2484 viewsted_hendrix

Losing a friend is an awful experience, RIP Mick Griffiths.

My Father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic.

We've lost another R too young on 00:13 - Oct 13 with 2226 views100percent

I knew Mick very well whilst he was the agent for the House of Love, a band who I tour managed and then later managed. He loved his music and fiercely represented his artistes.
We would always discuss everything rangers whenever we saw each other.
Really sad to hear that he has passed. RIP.....
We've lost another R too young on 09:56 - Oct 13 with 2028 viewsfrancisbowles

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and our fellow R.

A lovely tribute and a great last memory of your friend.
We've lost another R too young on 16:04 - Oct 13 with 1899 viewsBenny_the_Ball

A lovely piece. RIP Mick.
We've lost another R too young on 16:09 - Oct 13 with 1891 viewsflynnbo

RIP Mick.
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