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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. 14:11 - Nov 21 with 5375 viewsCLAREMAN1995

I did a quick search but could not find a thread about this topic so here goes.
Saturday morning I was installing a vinyl plank floor in a commercial building .I have been in construction for 30 years and never came close to this fiasco.
I was shaving a piece to put by the wall when the blade caught my left thumb and savaged the flesh .I had a glove on and it was shredded but actually saved more damage .I went next door to a bakery and a kid drove to to the hospital.
The glove clogged up the cut so the blood was not pouring but by Jesus I paid for that later.
The doctor injected the base of the thumb but had to inject the cut to numb it and that was by far the greatest pain I have ever known .( I had kidney stones once and this was worse )
He stitched it up but going in today to check nerve damage and bone issues and despite pain pills not 5 minutes of sleep undisturbed since saturday .
Never underestimate the value of your left thumb its without doubt the cog that moves the wheel.
He casually mentioned the margin between the cut I recieved and complete loss of my thumb was my early christmas miracle since that saw is merciless and he was stunned I had got away .
Looking forward to hearing other close escapes it will cheer me up so only good outcomes
Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 07:31 - Nov 22 with 1114 viewsBrianMcCarthy

No injuries, thankfully, but far too many close calls to remember, let alone list out.

Luckiest escape was when I was labouring on the roof of a warehouse out in Stansted. There was no health and safety in those days so we were told not to stand on the perspex roof units. But I stumbled once, and ended up falling through one. In a huge empty warehouse there was nothing between the roof and the concrete floor 20m underneath except for one aluminium scaffold tower about 3m x 3m, and that's where I landed.

Anywhere else and I was a gonner.

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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 07:34 - Nov 22 with 1108 viewsBrianMcCarthy

Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 01:16 - Nov 22 by CLAREMAN1995

@ Boston you have maintained your usual sense of humour which is always good.
@Planethonneywood you are one lucky person long may it continue.
@DTIG I agree the pain of kidney stones is intense for a prolonged period of time until you get meds but sticking a needle into a cut 2 times to numb it was revolting and I almost threw up there and then I pray nobody else has to endure that .
@Hayesboy I am sorry what happened to you and the loss of your work mates life sickening @Ted Hendrix sorry you have suffered so much and also had a worker die is heartbreaking .
I got off lightly the bone is not damaged and the verves should come back but an infection is setting in due to the ER doctor not giving me anti infection pills during the initial visit.
Stay safe and healthy everybody life is precious

Best wishes, Bannerman.

"The opposite of love, after all, is not hate, but indifference."
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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 09:03 - Nov 22 with 1051 viewsWokingR

Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 19:16 - Nov 21 by PunteR

My left hand has suffered all kinds of blade related injuries, stanley, chisels, Irwin hand saws, various clumps with hammers.
My right hand ,on the other hand......

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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 09:16 - Nov 22 with 1035 viewshubble

Two car related close escapes:

My dear old mum had her momentary lapses whilst driving. This time there were five of us in the mini van, three kids in the back and her and her best friend in the front. We were driving down to the South of France. Somehow she drove the wrong way down the off ramp of an autoroute and we came out driving in the opposite direction to the oncoming, motorway speed, traffic. A car hit us head on, we span maybe three times and came to a rest on the hard shoulder. Incredibly, no one was hurt (apart from a few cuts and bruises), not even the driver of the other car. A breakdown truck arrived, towed us to a nearby garage and in a few hours, we were on our way again.

Second one: Some time in the 90s, was with my girlfriend driving through the Hyde Park Corner underpass when the rear nearside tyre blew out. Was doing maybe 50 MPH. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion at that point: the car span, and as it did so, another car that was right behind us somehow slipped through on the outside, missing smashing into us by millimetres. I could see their shocked faces as they went past. I remember my girlfriend screaming. The car ended up shunted into the central wall, and another car, that was coming up behind, managed to emergency brake and stopped about two inches from us. The traffic behind them managed to stop too.

Again, amazingly, no one was hurt, and I was even able to drive the car - a VW Golf - out of the underpass and onto a side road, before the adrenaline hit me and I nearly fainted. The moral of this second story: never use retreads!!

Edit: I've just remembered a third one, this time motorbike related. I was a dispatch rider in London for a few years, possibly one of the most dangerous jobs ever... Anyway, one time I was speeding along the A13 towards Essex when I hit a diesel slick, slid right across the road all the way to the far side, in-between the oncoming traffic - I missed a thundering truck by inches, and ended up on the grass verge.

Over the years, my Guardian Angel has been worked very hard.

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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 09:36 - Nov 22 with 1022 viewsJuzzie

Just remembered a couple more that I actually caused/almost caused to others

In our early teens my brother and I had been staying at our granny & grandads house for a week or so during summer holidays. We were messing around in the garden and I had a golf club (you can probably see where this is going). I said to my brother to throw an apple at me and I'll whack it. Unfortunately he was standing too close and he got a full swing to the head. It actually caught his cheekbone and broke his nose. Had I hit his temple it could have been a lot worse.
He had to stay overnight in hospital for precautionary measures before he could go home.

A couple of years later I was doing a motor mechanics course and the room had a bunch of Ford engines on stands that we'd use to work on. I was using a valve spring compressor and just as the spring was at it's most compressed, the tool slipped off and the spring shot across the room at full speed just missing one of my class mates by about a foot. Luckily no injuries but too close for comfort.
Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 12:51 - Nov 22 with 908 viewsR_from_afar

Not a workplace one, but when I was a teenager, my mates and I mostly used to drink in village pubs, and one day, my boy racer friend Andrew was driving us to a pub in a tiny village in Bucks.

He tended to hurtle around the lanes in his one litre Fiesta at an indicated 80mph, so knowing that there was a very sharp bend coming up, I warned him to slow down.

Well, he did, but only to 50, and - surprise, surprise, surprise - he couldn't keep us on our side of the road and we screeched round on the wrong side of the highway.

Twenty yards ahead was a tractor, coming the other way. Two seconds later and we would've just been a greasy mark on the road. We were so lucky!

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Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 13:36 - Nov 22 with 871 viewsMonkey_Roots

I had a mate at work, when I worked at a screen printers in Harmondsworth - Mick was his name, a proper QPR fan he was too.

He worked the huge die-cutting machine in the warehouse.

Sadly, he had a gruesome workplace accident, in 2008 I think, that isn't necessary to expand on now, but he passed away and left a small child. His shirt was placed on his seat at the following QPR game, in a kind of memorial tribute to him. A lovely, lovely bloke, and I do think of him from time to time and muse as to what he would have made of all the goings on at the club the past year or so...
Workplace Injuries / Close Escapes For LFW Posters. on 23:22 - Nov 22 with 719 viewsnumptydumpty

Working as support worker in a kitchen at a mental health charity complex.

Couple incidents come to mind.

First one, one of the guys instead of slicing up cabbage for coleslaw, took of the top half of his index finger.

I went along with him to A and E, and think we waited at least three hours there with the poor chap holding onto half his chopped off digit !!!!

Not deemed a priority so I was told...

The other one was particularly harrowing. TRIGGER WARNING.

Was helping in same kitchen, with dishes and several of us in the kitchen when one of the attendees at the drop in that day, walked up to entrance of kitchen.

For some reason in my mind, I said he is going for the knife, but I just watched and it seemed to be like a film in black and white and slow motion, but he went to the knife drawer and started hacking at his wrist and i saw the blood fountain out.

The manager was near the guy and there was an almighty scream and scuffle as he attempted to wrestle the guys knife from his grasp. Thankfully he did and was given first aid to stop the flow and the ambulance then appeared.

I actually went into delayed shock and just carried on working as if nowt had happened.

Was an awful situation and I was affected by what I witnessed as well, but I could not stop thinking that I had predicted the situation slightly before and didn't stop the guy coming in but thankfully physically he was not badly injured.

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