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A Hull of a Time - Match Thread
at 22:17 29 Aug 2022

Spirits are high after Watford... we usually know what follows after.

Have to control their striker, who has scored five in the last two games!

But I think we're going to start showing some consistency. No clean sheet just yet, but I foresee a 2-1 win. Dykes and Dozzell.
Championship in Carabao Cup
at 21:37 10 Aug 2022

8 Championship clubs advancing to the Second Round. Meaning 16 Championship club eliminated.

NFL London Games
at 15:21 26 Jul 2022

Is anyone going?

I am thinking about flying from New York for a QPR/New York Giants weekend with QPR-Reading on Saturday and Giants-Packers on Sunday, but the NFL London tickets sold out instantly and are now going for an arm and a leg on the secondary market.

Our Two Starting CBs
at 07:12 23 Jul 2022

Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but I think Clarke-Salter has started every preseason game next to Dickie.

If you would have told me a month ago we wouldn’t be starting Dunne, I would have been shocked. Yet, it appears that way. Is anyone else surprised by this?
Mahoney Praise and Youth Depth
at 00:12 10 Apr 2022

It was great to see a kid trot out there, give it his all, play pretty well, and have the traveling fans get behind him in what was, no doubt, a nerve-wracking experience for the kid. The songs came across on the stream, so job well done to the fans who attended. Our support this year has been top notch all-season long.

Honestly, I think that's partially why this awful run has been so frustrating. We've run out of options and trot out the same ones to the same unsuccessful results. We've been crying for some youthful energy, pace and effort, and our lack of depth is really on show at this moment. Mahoney stepped up to the task today, and so few of our first team have done so during this promotion push which has now gone belly up.

I know I just said we lack depth of youth talent, but at this point, let's give Bettache, Armstrong, Owens, etc. some run. Our results cannot get any worse at the moment.
Channeling the BFG - Forest Game Thread
at 03:47 16 Mar 2022

Totally forgot that Leistner was the goal-scorer in our only win at The City Ground. Feels like a generation ago. McClaren. Eze. Freeman. Cousins. Things certainly changed quickly.

Anyways, it's a big one. Forest undefeated in 6 and haven't lost at home this calendar year. And we all know our struggles there...

Would be thrilled with a 1-1 result.
Both Things About Warburton Can Be True
at 01:43 6 Mar 2022

The gaffer is now such a polarizing topic. But I think it's more nuanced than simply "he's the one to keep building QPR" or "he ruined our season and needs to leave W12 ASAP".

He could possibly be the one that we build with. There is real growth at the club on and off the field. We're recruiting well, building assets to sell, and giving fans something to cheer about. We have an actual recruiting policy that matches his system and ideals, and despite our form, we're still in fifth place with 3/4 of the season gone. I'm a relatively new fan of the club, but I feel as good about QPR as I have during my time as a fan (my previous high was after Cameron to Wszołek against Villa 3.5 seasons ago).

But he can also be one of the main reasons why we've botched our promotion push, and he ultimately needs to learn from this. From the false 9 at Blackburn, to pulling Willock today while chasing a game we needed to have, some of his decisions have been baffling at best, and very poor at worst. We didn't go after a striker even after the board offered, but added Hendrick, and what's happened since? We can't score goals and our strength in midfield has vanished. Why are we playing Hendrick over our own players, I'll never know why.

In this day and age, I know we have to rush to convictions and stick by them so strongly, but I'd rather we wait until the end of the season before we start. The fact is, out of our remaining 11 games, 5 of them are essentially six pointers. Let's see what happens.
Bogey Bogey Barnsley
at 03:13 10 Feb 2022

Can we finally beat this team? Surely on pace to be one of the worst Championship sides in recent memory, haven't earned a point since December 17, yet I'm not expecting us to come away with all three.

When even was the last time we won there?
Must Win Match of the Season Part 29 - Boro Game Thread
at 18:44 8 Feb 2022

Sticking my neck out here to start the game thread. If this all goes terrible wrong I'll retreat back into my shell.

This one is getting extra hype, and rightfully so. Should be a good litmus test.

1-0 Rangers. Field 71'.
Joe Lumley
at 20:24 4 Feb 2022

… gets into Ronaldo’s ear just before a PK, and Ronaldo shoots it wide!

Wonder what he said.
Luke Amos
at 04:34 26 Jan 2022

Hard to believe that he’s been with us for 2.5 years now, albeit a year of that injured.

How do we think he’s getting on? I see some similarities with Luongo, both good and bad. I do wish he’d push forward more and make more progressive passes rather than defaulting to pass back.

I think he’ll be very important if we’re to make a push.
Hull Takeover
at 19:23 19 Jan 2022

Finally out from under the Allan family’s clutches.
This photo…
at 03:25 16 Jan 2022

… gives me chills. Legendary.

We Were Well Off Yesterday, But…
at 15:28 28 Dec 2021

… I’m not too bothered. Almost every single intangible was against the club.

- Stroud. Don’t need to expand here. A true shame and the FL needs to do something about that.
- Not only no games in 22 days, but barely any time on the training pitch. It was no wonder we were a step behind.
- First time back against a promotion favorite hungry to get back in form.
- If I remember correctly, Warbs has never won 1 point, much less 3, off Parker.
- Upcoming AFCON messing up our lineups a bit. Have to tinker with some ideas to cope with the next month while also trying to get those departing involved last night. A tricky situation for Warbs.
- Working Wallace, Dykes and Field back into the fold, all of whom were even further off the pace.

I muttered “we’re playing like crap” more than a dozen times to my fiancée yesterday, and I never thought we’d score after Chair went off, but I think we should shake that one off.

Think Bristol City so soon after will be good for the club. Still need to shake off some rust + identify our best lineup for Jan.
Amos and Duke-McKenna
at 22:30 21 Sep 2021

Thought they were excellent when they came out. Looks like we have some depth in the middle of the park. Two quality pens too.

Feel great for Luke. Sounds like he got a nice reception too, which was well-warranted after what he’s had to do to get back on the pitch.
Dykes at Euros Reflection
at 23:23 22 Jun 2021

So not the most prolific performance from Lyndon, and it seems the Scots on social media were none too pleased with his output, but how do we view it?

Personally entered the tournament thinking he’d struggle a bit to perform, similar to his first few months with Rangers as he adjusted to the step up in play. But I wasn’t totally discouraged.
Next Six Matches...
at 01:07 21 Feb 2021

Preston (A)
Brum (A)
Barnsley (H)
Bristol (A)
Wycombe (H)
Huddersfield (H)

All teams midtable and below. Only one above us at the moment (Barnsley). We know how this usually goes, but it's nice that these were relegation six pointers two weeks ago and now that doesn't seem to be the case.
Loving Our Movement This Window
at 21:29 5 Oct 2020

Seeing Adomah so giddy to put on the hoops has me feeling very different about this transfer window. No wasteful spending on mercenaries, no summer with more loans than signees. We're identifying young talent that could develop and work within our manager's system, and we're bringing on vets who could not be happier to be playing for the club.

It's a sad time around the sport, but I think our club is doing a fantastic job of not only keeping the ship afloat, but also setting it up for success on the pitch and in the finance books.
Lyndon Dykes article in The Athletic
at 14:54 4 Sep 2020

Didn’t see it posted here, though I’m sure some of you saw.
NBA Relaunch
at 23:14 2 Aug 2020

Not sure if there are any basketball fans over here, but the NBA started back up on Thursday with 22 teams competing in a bubble in Orlando. MLS did the same thing earlier this month (bubble, also in Orlando), and both leagues have been relatively successful with preventing the virus from infiltrating their bubbles.

NBA crowds are generally pretty dull, so the viewing experience hasn't really been hindered by the lack of crowd like football has. Look forward to watching the rest of the games.

NFL still plans on keeping its original schedule, with some teams still expecting fans in the stands, but with Major League Baseball having such an awful time (20 percent of teams are sidelined right now), I don't know how the NFL will get it done. But then again, don't underestimate the greed of the NFL.
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