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Life changing moments
at 16:34 31 May 2024

Anyone had any ? I haven't. Never got married or had kids so haven't had those honours/duties bestowed upon me. Never won the lottery and even when I inherited enough money to pay off the mortgage in '23 it hasn't made any difference to my life-style. Not really had any near death experiences (touch wood) or undergone any religious re-births. A few dim and distant bedroom sports sessions, 6 months living in Spain and solo voyages to the other side of the pond are about as exciting as it gets for me.

Behind the blue and white mask who are the Bob Champion/Robinson Crusoe/blokes with the Britain's Got Talent hard-luck stories on here ?
Sam Field
at 01:48 21 Apr 2024

Seen lots of plaudits for Marti, the no. 10's and back four yesterday (particularly Dunne and Clarke Salter) but the person who needs a shout out is Sam Field. This is the player who has done the most to get us out of trouble this season, in my opinion. He owns the centre of the park but at the same time somehow pops up at centre back to make incredible blocks and now and again springs good attacks. POTY for me by a long margin. He is our Shaun Derry and Ali Faurlin rolled into one. Just needs an Adel, Routledge and Helgusson in front of him and we will be flying.
Ewen MacIntosh
at 21:45 21 Feb 2024

Good actor. Should have been given many more words. Even if they would have been monsyllabic ....
Development Squad tonight
at 19:37 13 Feb 2024

Anyone watching it ?
Players you knew were never going to make it, the moment they crossed the line
at 13:52 27 Jan 2024

Luke Amos - Played every game with a permanent look of fear etched across his face. Scared of his own persona.

Karl Ready - I remember going to a B team game at HQ, he went up for a corner and the ball fell at his feet six yards out. He took a complete air shot, and fell over. Added to which when he got up, he celebrated it ...

Stefan Moore - A matter of time every game until he was put out of his misery and hooked. Think Ollie must have been having one of his mad-cap moments when he signed this one.

Seasonal Affective Disorder
at 14:53 13 Nov 2023

Anyone else suffer from this ?

For me the onset starts around the first Saturday in August and usually finishes on the first weekend in May

Anyone else get the autumn/winter/springtime blues ?
Sam Field
at 18:56 23 Sep 2023

That goal-line clearance last night, it deserves a thread of its own. And it's not the first time Sam has pulled off an amazing rescue act when the oppo have looked destimed to score. And that from a central midfielder !!

We are going to miss Sam when he serves his imminent suspension for all the yellow cards.

I'm just hoping Collback is back by then as a central midfield paring of Dozell and SDM or Dozzell and EDB might not be assertive enough.

Well done Sam !
[Post edited 23 Sep 2023 18:58]
Stream anyone ?
at 14:09 5 Aug 2023

Anyone able to assist ?
Parking the bus
at 21:15 30 Jul 2023

Bit hesitant about posting this as my cautionary message about preparing for relegation was not altogether well received. However, it's Sunday night, there is no football on the box so I shall chance my arm on here.

Do you think we should be practicing and implementing parking the bus ?

A bit like the man himself, Ainsworth football (i.e. working it out wide, getting past a full back and getting crosses in) is a thing of the past which any Championship defence can deal with easily and it appears - for one reason or another - that we do not have the ability, set-up or collective players to play the ball through teams.

We saw that parking the bus worked for us in our last two away games last season and I am wondering if we should just throw in the towel now and resign ourselves to playing 5 at the back or 5 across midfield and leaving Dykes on his own up front all season (apart from when we are losing when we bring Armstrong on).

What do people think ?

Is it time to call up Abellio and to assimilate us playing at the Etihad every week ?
[Post edited 30 Jul 2023 21:16]
Is everyone here mentally prepared for relegation ?
at 21:30 19 Jul 2023

I seriously cannot take another season of weekly/daily rants about the plight of the club and how we should be emulating Brentford/Luton/Bournemouth etc etc etc

We are not and not only is life too short to be spending every day looking over a shoulder at Luton/Brentford/Bournemouth etc etc but there is also f**k all that we can do about it as our investment in the club (both in terms of the depths of our pockets and colour of our blood, i.e. blue and white) is insignificant in the grand scale of things.

So are we going to be realistic on here and accept our fate or is it going to be another season of angst ?

Just asking so I can manage my expectations.

[Post edited 19 Jul 2023 22:21]
at 19:57 1 May 2023

Anyone watching it ? The Belgian can't keep deliberately making mistakes so that Selby gets back into it and the tv coverage goes on into the night. It's getting embarrassing.
What is the biggest coincidence you've ever experienced ?
at 20:01 14 Apr 2023

Mine are:

Walking through Wimbledon one Saturday morning humming 'Moving on Up' to myself I popped into Yates Wine Bar for a piss and as I walked through the entrance door the music on the loudspeakers was none other than M People urging me to 'move on up' to the gents.

Then last year at work one lunchtime I was writing a message to my Sunday football team telling then we were playing in Barnes on Sunday when I looked at the Kent CCC match I was streaming and just as I looked at the screen the bowler running into bowl had the name Barnes on his back.

What are the biggest coincidences you've every experienced ?
[Post edited 14 Apr 2023 20:04]
There is nothing to suggest we can turn this around ....
at 18:51 7 Apr 2023

That is the worrying thing.

Nothing to suggest we are going to create some nice 4, 5 or 6 man moves that will unlock an opposition defence, nothing to suggest our strikers are going to pop up out of nowhere and score, nothing to suggest our defenders are going to be positionally correct all game and without doubt nothing to suggest that our tactics are going to find an opposition wanting.

Please, can anyone console this desolate Hoop with a crumb of comfort on how we might be able to glean 4 or 5 points in the next 6 games.
I.T. (New laptop) advice please
at 17:09 3 Apr 2023

Got to buy a new laptop. Am leaving my job so got to return my LB Camden Dell and need a replacement principally to browse the internet at home, do the odd online Skype/Zoom meeting and bits and pieces on Microsoft Office. Not looking for anything super lightning quick or mega-powerful. Longevity, economy, reliability and security are more important requisites. Any good recommendations please ?

Like I say, not looking to rival MI5 from it, just looking for something which does what it says on the tin.

Thanks in advance.
[Post edited 3 Apr 2023 17:10]
at 13:33 20 Mar 2023

I hope our own deficiencies on Saturday are not going to over-shadow this muppet's incompetence. Admittedly he wasn't at his worst but there were still free-kicks awarded against us when Brum players were climbing all over us and baffling throw-in decisions which neither set of players seemed to understand.
The Gaffer speaks
at 20:48 10 Feb 2023

As inspiring as ever ...

Good anti-dote to Nathan Jones though
Limited players that you have to have in a team
at 16:32 22 Jan 2023

As I get older and become more and more disillusioned with talented players who don't realise their potential I take a perverse pleasure from seeing more limited players whose commitment, desire and ethic make up for their lack of finesse.

Currently, for me, Jimmy Dunne and Rob Dickie would always get in the team ahead of the more cultured Leon Balogun and Jake Clarke Salter.

Which less talented players through the eras would you have put in for their work rate or uplifting effects on the team ?

I'm interested to know because I haven't watched us all though my years since my first game and I'm interested to know which players hauled us over the line in the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's.
[Post edited 22 Jan 2023 16:33]
Dieng wanderings
at 16:00 3 Jan 2023

I think our keeper is getting a taste for high jinx following his goal-scoring exploits at Sunderland. He has taken to running up to the half-way line every time we get a corner. Plus he has got a routine to match Jude's at half-time when he goes up there.

The guy who sits next to me gets the bum's rush each time it happens but it looks like an organised plan to get him on his toes if the opposition break quickly and he has to get back - as happened with about 5 minutes to go last night.
My dad gone now as well. R.I.P.
at 13:35 20 Dec 2022

Not an R but he took me to my first game (home v Stoke in 1974) and never ever stood in the way of me playing football or going to QPR. Always went out of his way to let me enjoy my football. Always supported me when I was running my Sunday football team. I remember when he came along when I wasn't feeling well in case anything went wrong and he came to support when we reached a Cup final at Sutton United FC in 2012.

A Man City supporter all his life (brought up in Stockport) he died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night at the grand old age of 92. R.I.P. Dad.
Flotsam and jetsam
at 13:22 1 Nov 2022
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