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This is the how is it going for us? Musical Video QPR Jukebox Thread.
at 01:49 5 Nov 2023

I'll start.

Please add. A year from now. we will ....

Yoann Barbet
at 22:12 25 Oct 2023

I miss him. He was class.
Non QPR but just nearly as important
at 22:46 23 Jul 2023

Dry The Rain - The Beta Band


Up With People - Lambchop

from 0 to 10

My bruv can be a bit of an arse but he won't leave until he proves his point.
He aint heavy.
Stuart Wardley
at 21:17 3 Sep 2022

So I’m watching the mighty Bury Town Fc losing 3-0 today and some geezer turns to me and asks me who I support? (Non league is friendly in that way.)

Not that pile of shit I says. I’m West London and the only team there is QPR.

Come and meet my mate Stuart, he says. He use to play for QPR.

Most ex QPR players are the salt of the earth and Stuart, as it turns out, is no exception. He was so happy to talk about our shared passion for QPR and more.

It was just a chance meeting and the fact I had been eyeing up his friend Millie all afternoon proves there is a silver lining for someone somewhere.

Really nice bloke.

Non League is Great. Sometimes.
Music LP you bought and hated but grew to love.
at 21:28 16 Feb 2022

Kraftwerk. Computer Love.
Boring cover and that bloke cannot sing but wow! Way beyond its time and I'm so glad they made that lp.
What was the first CD you bought?
at 21:05 12 Oct 2020

I remember some bloke on ‘Pebble Mill at One’ claiming you could spread jam on these and they would still play. He did and it didn’t. RIP Pebble Mill at One.

So you just splashed out on a cd player in 85 or later whatever. Did you update your vinyls? Or go for what was around at the time?
Anyway, My first was ‘Eden’ by Talk Talk from ‘Our Price‘ in Hounslow. The 2nd was some Erasure cd for my wife to justify the need for a cd player.
Rocket League (Free To Play)
at 15:56 12 Oct 2020

To while away the hours I downloaded Rocket League for my seldom used PS4. Totally adictive.
Just wondering if any of you play?
Best album of the eighties?
at 20:02 9 Oct 2020

U2's The Joshua Tree has been named the best album of the 1980s.

Is it though?
Mercury Music Award
at 18:51 24 Sep 2020

I’m not a betting man but if I were, I would have put a fiver on Michael Kiwanuka but I fear ‘Diversity’ will muddy the waters again.

Underrated Albums Thread
at 20:59 6 Sep 2020

Do you ever feel that the album you loved needed to be shown a lot more love?

‘Mess’ by Liars
Primal burst of ritualistic electronics that sacrifices self persecution for potent, purposeful abandon. (I know right?)

I just think its bloody clever. Smell my socks!

Best Break-Up Albums?
at 21:06 19 Aug 2020

My Hamster just died so I'm going with..

1st Pop Record you Bought?
at 23:37 9 Aug 2020

Don't judge me. I was 11.

Tattooed Eyebrows
at 01:24 27 Mar 2020

When did that become a thing?

Maybe I'm getting old but if my daughter came home looking like CoCo the clown I would be a bit unhappy.
Whats wrong with using a marker pen?
Harry Styles
at 23:28 26 Mar 2020

Credit where credit is due.

If 1D get back together again I will deny I typed this. I do like his 'Fine Line' LP though. Danm! he is talented. Not just a judge on 'The Voice' talented.

Christmas Tunes 2019
at 01:43 22 Dec 2019

I was out shopping this week and I realised sadley that I no longer care for the piped in easylistening xmas tunes that follow you evereywhere you go.

I still, and allways will love Christmas so I would like to nominate a couple Christmas tunes for this year.

What are yours?
Amazon Prime
at 20:57 3 Dec 2019

I was thinking of ending my hardly used account after Christmas but they seem to be upping the ante regarding live football games.
Not too bothered about tonights games. (Thats why I'm typing this.) Tomorrows choice looks good though.
More of an open market which can only make things interesting in the future?
'Steely Dan' Day Tomorrow
at 18:36 11 May 2019

Unofficial of course as I just made it up.

Please contribute to the list of Dan tracks.

Maybe this could be a Sunday thing during this close season? Someone else do it next week.

R.I.P. Walter

Sorry to to be negative, but
at 19:21 30 Mar 2019

This has turned out to be yet another sh!t season. Again.

This club is being run by prospectives.
Timeless Lyrics. Please no Youtube. Just the words. Go with it.
at 02:41 7 Feb 2019

To kick off easytime.


'I never done good things
I never done bad things
I never did anything out of the blue, woh-o-oh
Want an axe to break the ice
Wanna come down right now
Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom's a junkie
Strung out in heaven's high
Hitting an all-time low.'

Those words get to me every time I hear them.
Norf End Fred
at 21:42 18 Jan 2019

Do you know that the whole area of Preston has done nothing culterally at all for this country?

Proof below.

Eddie Calvert 1950s Easy Listening, Orchestral/Easy Listening, Trumpet/Easy Listening
Gary Hall
George Haslam 1970s - 2000s Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz, World Fusion
Keef Hartley 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Blues, Blues-Rock, British Blues, Regional Blues
Team Waterpolo 2000s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Thats it! Bless em.

3-0 R's

This Welsh bloke has done so much more.

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