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Woodstock 1999 Netflix Documentary (NON QPR)
at 15:50 9 Aug 2022

I highly recommend this three-part documentary, I remember the events very well.

What I didn’t agree with, the organiser said nothing has been done of this scale around the world. But it made me think that Reading and Glastonbury is much bigger, and done without any issues.

Give it a watch !
Online Dating Apps (*NON QPR)
at 09:47 11 Jul 2022

SO I finally succumbed to the world of dating apps (I'm 44 and swore id never use one)

Ive been on an app called Bumble for a week now, the rules are the lady has to make first contact... had 2 'dates' so far, or as I called them 'initial meeting to suss each other out'

First was out Reading way for a lunchtime coffee, with a lady who was really into cricket BUT a total nightclub girl and a completely different personality to the messages we exchanged. In order to relate to me liking football, she Kept going on about how she goes out clubbing and EPL footballers are always buying her and her mates champagne in the VIP rooms.....

2nd 'date' was at a lovely pub friday night in Uxbridge (the Malt Shovel) I was a little bit catfished by her say the photos were 5 years old... again, nice girl, good job, after 2 wines she started crying and wouldn't stop talking about her 'toxic' ex ... when i got home she sent me a nice message apologising.

I think going forward the first 'dates' will be on the video chat feature on the app

anyone got any advice/funny stories so far?

Surrey T20 Cricket tonight - Free Tickets (Non QPR)
at 14:34 6 Jul 2022

Hi all

Middlesex fan in peace ha ha.

I can’t make tonight‘s game at the Oval between Surrey and Yorkshire, I have two tickets, Front row of the bedser upper

First come first serve, I will need to email you the tickets with the QR code.

“Pistol” series (NON QPR) 5ex Pistols
at 13:44 10 Jun 2022

Has anybody been watching the Danny Boyle tv show series on Disney+, pistol. Based on Steve Jones book “lonely boy” I know there are a few punks on this board.

I thought it was fantastic, very well acted.

I understand John Lydon is upset with it because he wasn’t consulted, there are some interviews of him on YouTube where he discusses this.
Kenobi- TV Series (NON - QPR)
at 15:28 27 May 2022

Anyone watch kenobi yet? I purposely worked from home today to watch it at 8 am, both episodes.

Very good.

“Hand of God” Maradona Jersey
at 22:42 6 Apr 2022

Wow. Steve Hodge about to make some serious money
Spare ticket for today ?
at 13:01 5 Mar 2022

Anyone have a spare ticket? Cheers in advance
Our Stadium 😬
at 23:34 19 Feb 2022

Went to the game today with my mate who came over from the US. we sat in Ellerslie Road, usually I go to the Paddocks.

He couldn’t believe how crowded it is in the concourse before the game and at half-time. Huge queues for the concession stands. You literally cannot move, shoulder to shoulder.

Got me thinking about all the stadiums I’ve been to in the last couple of years, and I have to admit, I cannot compare Loftus Road to any of them, in terms of poor facilities and overcrowded.

This stadium really is not fit for purpose anymore. Not sure what the answer is going forward.

What does everyone else think?
Spare ticket for today?
at 10:33 29 Jan 2022

I hope this is Allowed Clive, does anyone have a spare ticket today? At a loose end, just went to buy one online, and it seems they are taken down. seen some of twickets but thought I’d try here.
PM Or comment here
You R’s
After a spare ticket for Blue's away
at 18:12 31 Dec 2021

Hope this is allowed Clive. At a loose end now on Sunday so was hoping to goto the game. Does anyone have a spare? Thanks In advance. Happy new year to y’all
Clint Eastwood film recommendations *Non QPR
at 19:03 1 Dec 2021

After watching Hang ‘Em High recently, I started re-watching all the dirty Harry films on Blu-ray.

I’ve seen the newer ones like gran Torino and the mule, can anyone recommend any old Clint Eastwood films that are really good.

Seen ‘play misty for me’ too and liked it
RIP Michael K. Williams (NON-QPR) The Wire
at 22:03 6 Sep 2021

So sad, didn’t realise he had such a horrific childhood either

The wire is the greatest TV show ever, or maybe 2nd to the Sopranos.
Parking @ The Apollo Hammersmith (NON QPR)
at 12:39 28 Aug 2021

Going to the Apollo in Hammersmith tonight, does anyone know of any free street parking around the area that isn’t residents only. I assumed lots of resident parking because of Fulham FC. We are going to brasserie blanc first. Any suggestions would be welcome.
The Hundred Cricket (Non QPR)
at 18:57 21 Jul 2021

Is anybody interested in this new competition?

As a Middlesex member, for goodness knows how long, I decided to buy tickets to all of the games at Lords (4) and finals day. I only did it because last year with lockdown I decided to try and watch as much live sport as possible, once everything reopened for fans.

I’m not sure if it will be the death of county cricket, part of me doesn’t want it to be a success at all.

The BBC coverage seems complete wokeNess and a Presenter outside the oval asked a family all decked out in county cricket and England WC tops “ so, are you all cricket fans?”🤦🏼‍♂️

I’m willing to give it a go, and I’m hoping to be entertained at Lords.

What is everyone else’s thoughts?

My Euro 2020 Final experience @ Wembley
at 12:32 15 Jul 2021

Not sure if anyone else here went but thought id share my experience on what was one of my worst experiences at a sports event ever.

Got a call from a mate (who know someone at the FA) that they had a spare ticket £85, whilst I was at the Wimbledon men's final. took him up on the offer, as soon as Djokovic won, I headed to Wembley.

On the way to the tennis (left princes Risborough 11am) the train was full of England fans, all in good humour, no trouble, good atmosphere on the tube to Southfields etc.

On route to Wembley, the mood had changed completely. Drunken idiots hurling abuse at women and children on the jubilee line, never seen anything like it. Got to Wembley around 6:30pm and it was rammed solid, shoulder to shoulder, people pushing, barging their way though. fights amongst fans, children crying. it was horrific. Stewards checking your covid pass and tickets at the first hurdle before you were let up the gangways (outside the stadium and no phone signal to open the app so screenshots had to do)
England fans threatening stewards to let them past, and it worked. I saw one guy telling a young steward "if you dont let me though I'll F*** you up with a knife" the poor kid was terrified. I saw grown men giving cash to stewards to be let them through this first hurdle as well as people storming through in groups (you would have all seen the videos)

Got my ticket scanned with some weird pen on the QR code and let in, the guy said "its nice to see someone with a ticket) and went through airport style security.

Once inside the ground on level 1 it was carnage. Fighting, stewards chasing people, people who i assume had tickets were stickling out legs to try and trip over people who were running, children in tears again. i saw 3 stewards on top of a fan who'd fallen over, they started to kick the sh*t out of him while he was on the floor. other fans joined in.

In the toilets i saw a man try pick a fight with a guy who had his 8yr old kid with him. Staff at the merchandise stalls we saying there are literally hundreds of fans without tickets (5k was later confirmed in the media), one guy opened up a fire escape for the them to rush in. We heard of stewards taking £200 cash from people to admit them straight in. I hope the police go back and check cctv to catch the b*stards.

Once we got to to our seats, right behind the goal, block 113, I noticed the gangways were filling up of people standing, stewards all stood around them not moving them on, it was obvious they didn't have tickets. what stuck me was there was very little police present, I have seen more on south Africa road for a game vs Preston.

The atmosphere was completely toxic throughout, i couldn't enjoy the game with this distraction and worrying how id get out, i have never seen anything like it in my life and it has put me off ever going to an England game again.

At the end of the game, the Italian players ran to our corner to celebrate and it caused a surge in idiots running down to try confront them. i saw bottles thrown, lighters, mobile phones, whatever they could get was thrown. a man climbed up and started ripping down a TV microphone, the lady along from my was scared rigid (she works for the FA and was still very upset this morning according to my mate)

We stayed in seats for a while to let the crowds disperse, in the foyer was a Leicester fan really upset that he wasn't allowed to collect his flag, he said it cost £500 and the stewards started to man-handle him (after he was getting aggressive) while 2 police stood and watched.

Just wanted to air my experience, sorry to go on, i think this has really dented our chances for 2030.

Republic Of Ireland
at 21:39 27 Mar 2021

Aussie Big Bash T20
at 11:28 30 Jan 2021

Nice to see Rangers fan James Vince, get 98 not out in what was affect the semi-final. A shame the Aussie bowler bowled one of the worst wides you will see with Vince on strike, and 1 run needed to win, stopping him getting his century.

I’m loving the big bash, it’s been a great help through lockdown.
at 22:36 9 Jan 2021

After today’s defeat to Fulham, I dug out my lonely planet guide to Texas (i’ve previously visited Dallas, Galveston, and Houston and some other small towns) and was wondering if anyone has visited Austin Texas. Definitely one of the places I want to visit when we can start flying again. Any advice/tips appreciated.
NFL 2020 Season
at 08:48 10 Sep 2020

Starts tonight! cant wait.

The Bucs will be interesting this year, genuinely curious to watch them.

Gonna be a big year for my Boy Lamar, Chiefs will be strong again, Pats could surprise a few people. Bills look good adding diggs.

I think Rams will struggle, Niners too, Seattle for that division unless the cardinals pull off some surprises, Kyler Murray could be a dark horse. Cowboys gonna cowboy! Philly struggling with injury's on their O-line again, giants competing with washington, jags and jets for no1 pick next year?

Its going to be fascinating to see what happens in GB with Rogers, a couple of bad games and will the fans be clamoring for some love action! Brees last year potentially

cant wait!!!

[Post edited 10 Sep 2020 8:50]
The Last Dance Netflix (NON QPR)
at 21:08 27 Apr 2020

Is anyone watching this series on Netflix?

It’s focused on Michael Jordan’s last year at the bulls

Absolutely fascinating for any sports fan especially US sports fans 🏀

I remember as a teen in the early/mid 90s watching imported VHS videos (from OurPrice records) of the Bulls and falling in love with Pippen, Rodman and Jordan
[Post edited 27 Apr 2020 21:14]
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