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Mark Prince
at 12:49 3 Oct 2021

They just had quite a good piece during the marathon coverage on the Foundation. Great explanation of the work.

I thought Mark was brilliant in the interview - spoke so well - very proud for us to be associated with the man.

They even managed to make the stadium look quite smart from the aerial shots which was quite some feat of cinematography.
Dozzell and Odubajo
at 21:37 24 Jul 2021

Thought he looked very promising today - like he'd been in that position for us for far more than a few weeks. Good awareness, making space for himself, excellent passing. Even I could see it.

Odubajo was quality too in a similar way. And he had another gear if needed. His obvious joy at the goal was great to see in a ground that's been so dormant for so long. Actually that was the main thing I felt siting there tbh - cannot believe what we've all been through, many worse than others.

Paulo's Poles
at 18:18 14 Jun 2021

Seems they've come out second half more determined to show him their 'liyalty'.

Quite like these two ITV commentators too, whoever they are - nicely engaged and informative and their voices aren't naturally annoying.
at 17:08 20 Feb 2021

Pass me the tissues.
Strangely addictive
at 09:55 18 Feb 2021

Beating them like that. I've woken up this morning feeling like I need another hit.
Dry January
at 13:18 8 Jan 2021

I know - Get. In. The fcuking. Sea.

Is anyone attempting it though? I'm amazed to say I am - am on Day 5. (Couple of days short but wasn't going to start on a weekend ffs...)

Combination of reasons really: I need to drop a stone and give my stomach lining a bit of a rest. Was also finding that my tolerance was getting to an unmanageable level and can't be bothered getting into crack. Decided to try something different.

So the plan is for 4 weeks of general clean living and self improvement. Fcuuuuuk.

Fashion question
at 13:01 27 Nov 2020

Anybody bought this qpr jumper? Is it nice? Did it fit?


Think that exhausts my fashion vocabulary for now.
A very belated
at 17:19 31 Oct 2020

Eat. My. Goal.

Fcuking hell, couldn't make it up.
Team for tomorrow
at 11:50 16 Oct 2020

Bit of a headscratcher, except for the defence where I wouldn't expect too many changes.



He may well play Cameron, and I'd love to find a way to get Carroll involved. Big Lyndon may be a bit knackered but think he'll push hard to start.

That still leaves Thomas, Willock and Bonne as options, which is nice.
[Post edited 16 Oct 2020 11:58]
Big D
at 17:33 3 Oct 2020

Not said lightly but I think Dieng is going to be better than Smithies for us.

Love Smithers to bits but Dieng makes up for any potential technical inadequacies that he may still be developing with his terrifying physical presence.

When he comes out to claim it's like he's one and a half sizes bigger than everyone else.

We'll see I know.
at 22:39 18 Sep 2020

I think there may be an argument for what we might have previously referred to as level head-ed-ness. Something from the 2012 Olympics possibly. Anyway:

Even if I was to assume that Warbs Warburwarb has spent his time wandering round Europe on his share dividends failing in his overclocked giant mind to understand that the only reason most of those well oiled, highly financed, teams clicked like a Swiss watch is because their two centre halfs cost 190m euros a pair...

Point is maybe it's not the time to get into that. We're all locked down to fcuk, nothing's going to change for a while, we have a lot of good young prospects coming through, ok maybe not a lot but some, which is a change.

I do agree that the there is a fundamental problem with how we defend and the way we respond to the idea of defending, but things are not normal these days and reactions should be less than normal.

i.e. Can we calm down a bit?
[Post edited 18 Sep 2020 22:44]
Pablo Hoopsta
at 17:24 12 Sep 2020

Are you out there mate? This (and the other one last year) is your moment.
at 15:57 5 Jul 2020

Walking off in a fairly relaxed fashion at the end there. I'm no physician but looked encouraging.

Good goal from the shaggy haired target man today.
at 15:59 14 Apr 2020

Anyone else working from home and almost completely unable to concentrate?

I usually try to pay attention to things at least 50% of the time - that's the personal target I set for myself anyway - can't say I always hit it :)

But fcuk me! - not sure I'm hitting 25% at the minute!
Exercise helps but my aging knees can't be exercising every minute of the bleedin' day.
Music streamer things
at 16:13 8 Apr 2020

Any bored hifi-cologists have a recommendation?

I don't need one with an amp etc. Have a four year old NAD D3020 thing for that - just would like it to be able to:

A) Stream Spotify etc over wifi
B) Play the lossless iTunes files from my iMac in the hall through it - believe I need Airplay for that. (Have also thought about splitting the ethernet cable that's sitting in the powerline adaptor nearby to connect directly to whatever streamer I get, but not sure if iTunes approves of that kind of thing).

Am thinking about this:


Or maybe this:


Any others? I know there are more expensive options but they seem to have preamps and DACS which I don't think I need because that's already covered by the NAD thing.

Any and all cabin-fevered views welcome.
at 22:00 22 Nov 2019

Obviously there's a lot that I don't know and see etc but SHIRLEY FFS I don't need a lucrative career in the city and an edifying year or two with the finest coaches in Europe, eating olives and discussing tiles, to know not to bring the rat boy on when we're trying to fcuking win! I actually love JS but the rat boy knows that himself.

You've got Tim Ream there - all BOS would have had to do was look at him and he'd have fallen over. Do not get that one at all.
[Post edited 22 Nov 2019 22:01]
Building trade espionage and such
at 15:08 26 Sep 2019

Looking for a bit of building/espionage trade inside knowledge if possible amigos. A mate is in a dispute with people who have bought land next door. Basically they're building a very large house that's creating a lot of disruption and they've never gone about things the right way. So there's a fair bit of tension about property boundaries etc. Anyway:

A few weeks ago he noticed that someone had stuck what looked like a yellow sim card to his front garden wall just within the boundary of his property. So he ripped it off and binned it - thought it could be an attempt to tap into his Wi-Fi but didn’t think much more of it.

Yesterday a guy from the building company got in contact saying he wanted to stick something on the side of his house. He told my friend's wife it was a camera so he could check the builders were only doing what they should be doing. Again it looked like a yellow SIM card - i.e. didn't seem to have a lens. He wonders why a small building company would need to monitor their workers to check they were behaving themselves, especially when a job of that size would have a manager/supervisor permanently there and the workers seem to do as they are told anyway.

With the first SIM card looking thing whoever put it there must have been on the pavement but had just leaned over to apply it. He (or she) had stuck something like blu tack (but white and more adhesive) to the wall and then stuck the sim card (or similar) onto it.

It's all a bit strange and he's not quite sure what it is or what they're trying to achieve with this - other than they're up to summat.

Can anyone shed light on what that device is and what they think it's for? My guess would be it's aliens walking among us in human form, recruiting spare flesh for experiments and whatnot, but as I say that's only a guess. Anyway thanks in advance.

Bizarre stuff
at 17:11 14 Sep 2019

Got out of jail, hung onto the three points. Has to be an avalanche of learning opportunities from that one, fcukin hell.
New shirt sizes
at 10:48 12 Sep 2019

This season's shirt looks so good I'd actually like to be able to wear it from time to time. Just wondering how they are for size? Say for example one possessed a somewhat chunky, sort of dependable body shape - almost like a Ricky Gervais kind of physique but a bit more muscular. Has anyone of similar gifts bought one and if so what size? XL? That was a really good fit as far as last season's went.
Team for today
at 11:41 17 Aug 2019

Maybe something like:
Kane Hall Barbs Manning
Smith Cameron
BOS Eze Chair

Could be construed as a bit too attacking but I think those three together can cause enough problems to keep Brizzle occupied. Wouldn't be surprised to see Scowen or Amos as one of the three though. Smith looked really good to me on Tuesday and deserves a start I think. Pugh to come one for at least half an hour. Quite a lot of options!...
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