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GAA - Tyrone and Mayo season over tomorrow?
at 20:43 3 Jun 2022

In Lanzarote, and much to the annoyance of the new Mrs Watford, I’ve found somewhere to watch Clare v Meath tomorrow.

However, a possibility that both last year’s finalists will be done by the end of the weekend. What do we think?

Personally I think Tyrone look a mess and will exit tomorrow. Less certain about Mayo but I wouldn’t be surprised if they bowed out too.

What do other Irish Rs think?
Right you lot....
at 22:35 12 Mar 2022

Forget the Russians at the Scum. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of our season.

Everyone else looks great getting to the play off picture, but cr@pping themsleves once they get there. We know what it takes

Let's bury the pikeys tomorrow. No f@cking surrender.

Come on U Rrrrrrss
Match officials today....
at 21:05 19 Feb 2022

Either this was the worst collective performance I think I've seen at LR, or the laws of the game are now so convoluted that it's impossible for officials to be wrong no matter what they do.

I'm going to watch the full match back again as and when it's available, but I'm struggling to think of one major decision they got right:

Neither the ref of the lino knew whether the Hull goal had crossed the line - it clearly had

Forss should have been red carded just before half time - ref saw nothing, the fourth official did see something, but presumably not the kick, right in front of him

Albert was completely cleaned out by Ingram and that ought to have been a pen

Albert's goal should have stood - astonishing that neither ref nor linesman apparently saw the deflection that played him on irrespective of where the lino thought he was in the lead up

Countless offside decisions ruled incorrectly, including the ludicrous flagging of Albert in the first half after the crossfield pass which their LB got caught under. It simply isn't possible for the lino to be looking at where Albert was at the same time the ball was played from 50 yards away on the other side of the pitch.

The Ingram incident which I clocked via the scoreboard as having been near enough sixteen minutes. So all the time wasting by them, all the watch pointing by the ref, all that added up to -1 extra minutes.

Clear corner for us just before the end given as a goal kick

Just utter ineptitude. Can't be arsed listening to all the "well these things will even themselves out". I'd rather I wasn't having to keep count of the hopeless decisions and trying to work out whether we won or lost on aggregate over the season. There's enough money in the game to pay and train full time officials so that we don't have to put up with such a lottery of incompetence every single game.
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Driving Penalty Charge - QPR related
at 19:41 26 Jan 2022

Received a Penalty Charge Notice yesterday for turning right off Bloemfontein Road into Bryony Road before the West Brom game. I've done that for years and years, but apparently now prohibited. Good thing I got the notice or I'd have done the same last night!!

Had a look for the signage last night, which is now half way up a sodding lampost. As far as I'm aware, no kind of warning anywhere the traffic flow change was being implemented. £65 penalty, doubled if not paid in 14 days.

Anyone else been done?
The Team that finds a way to Win
at 17:14 22 Jan 2022

It’s becoming a theme isn’t it.
at 10:26 31 Dec 2021

Number 3. Not that they are obsessed or anything....
[Post edited 31 Dec 2021 10:26]
Albert Butterfingers
at 23:39 24 Nov 2021

Exeter-Bradford Cup Tie to be replayed....
at 16:50 18 Nov 2021

...after match officials incorrectly advised Exeter they could use a sixth substitute in extra time.

Sooooooo, if an First Round FA Cup Tie can be replayed after match officials got a key decision indisputably wrong, why can't they replay an Fourth Round EFL Cup Tie after match officials got a key decision indisputably wrong?
Bond Presentation
at 23:08 6 Oct 2021

Good lord above. Me. Two owners. Two board contributors. You know who you are!

Ruben and Amit total gentlemen.

Tickets available for the wedding. You'll know if you were there,

Night all .
Guinness Shandy!!!
at 18:56 28 Sep 2021

46 years of drinking in pubs and that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone ask for one!

I’m not sure he’d be allowed in Kilburn!!!
at 23:13 21 Sep 2021

Thought he had a very good game, looked very confident on the ball and threaded a few neat passes through Everton lines tonight. Didn't look at all out of place covering for Jojo.

Very pleased for him
u23s - Man U 6 QPR 4
at 17:02 26 Aug 2021

Edit: 20 July 2021. Doh!
[Post edited 26 Aug 2021 17:03]
at 21:55 18 Aug 2021

Think it's worth dialling back a bit on expectations for this game. No Odubajo, I reckon no Wallace, maybe no Dykes, one or two others struggling and the rest will be knackered.

I think I'd be pleased with a point right now.
Top of the Championship
at 17:10 14 Aug 2021

Obviously very early days, but I was tempted to say that the top six in the table currently might, in my opinion, be the same top six come the end of the season, maybe in a different order.

But then I thought that might be tempting fate, so I decided not to.
Wales Turkey
at 17:27 16 Jun 2021

Enjoyed watching all of this so far.

Apart from the Welsh kit!
Just saying....
at 20:56 20 Apr 2021

Seven points from away games against the top three.....
Sky Arts: Pistols - There'll always be an England
at 01:47 7 Mar 2021

Anyone else watching?
Anyone watching events in Croker?
at 19:01 21 Nov 2020

Either you’ll know what I mean or you won’t.

On the football front, Meath have about one chance in a hundred. Which is one chance more than they’ve had in a decade or more!
Lockdown spirits
at 20:54 5 Apr 2020

So something different for us LFWers. Not cheese, but spirits.

What spirit do you turn to in these times of stress and more stress?

Me, it's Irish whiskey. Developed a casual interest in this stuff a few years back. Initially Connemara, a mildly smokey whisky. Loved the initial taste, like licking a lump of coal. Then a nice mellow smoky taste. Built up a little collection of just over twenty bottles, some realtively cheap, some an investment.

A mix of single malt, single pot still and single grain. The Irishman 12 year old is my fave single malt, the sweetness of fruit you get after a a while, just lovely. Redbreast 12 year old cask strength is a fabulous single pot still, spicy but a little hint of sweetness . The Glendalough triple barrel single grain was just such an easy drinking whiskey. No hardship to sip at all.

There's been an experimental drop of Farmhouse Spirit made by Echlinville Distillery which is apparently fantastic that I'd love to try, a small experimental batch that is just an outstanding attempt at recreating what passed for whiskey in the 18th century.

So what's your favourite tipple, and why?
[Post edited 5 Apr 2020 20:58]
Two pens in one game
at 17:13 19 Oct 2019

Crikey! When was the last time that happened??
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