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De Wijs 20:13 - Apr 22 with 5938 viewsaston_hoop

Yes or no? Dave Mac saying we have an option to either complete the deal or send him back. Its a yes for me - good age, offers something different to our more 'cultured' options and could be invaluable next season. Been unlucky with injuries but thats got to be just that, bad luck and nothing more.

De Wijs on 20:14 - Apr 22 with 2783 viewsBazzaInTheLoft

Yea from me, just because he looks like a Ian Dowie tribute band.

De Wijs on 20:23 - Apr 22 with 2721 viewsBucksRanger

Absolutely a 'Yes' from me. Can't stand the thought of Barbet being the toughest guy in defence again.

De Wijs on 20:31 - Apr 22 with 2683 viewsBrianMcCarthy


Our best option in the centre of the three.
Utterly commanding in the air at this level.
Also better on the deck than Cameron.
Offside trap better when he plays.
Wages probably not an issue.


Pace - he has just average pace, no worse than Dickie or Barbet, and certainly better than Cameron.
Hull - why wasn't he playing for them? Personality, luck, bad judgement on their part, or...
Injuries - I'm torn on this. If a player has a repetitive injury then you have to worry, he doesn't seem to have one. But you might also worry about a player who picks up so many small injuries. There's a few questions here: is he soft? Why did he leave the field with a broken nose, but Dieng played on with his broken nose? Is he so musclebound that flexibility is an issue?


I'd take him in a heartbeat, but only if the medical people passed him. We know him, so we have the facts.

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De Wijs on 20:35 - Apr 22 with 2661 viewsnix

Yes from me. He offers something different and I think he seems to fit in.
De Wijs on 20:41 - Apr 22 with 2643 viewsdanehoop

De Wijs on 20:35 - Apr 22 by nix

Yes from me. He offers something different and I think he seems to fit in.

Adds the physicality, presence and game management that we have lacked for a while. Basically he frightens me and he plays for us....

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De Wijs on 20:52 - Apr 22 with 2587 viewsLongsufferingR

Yes. When forwards look up and see a male model or a beanpole facing them, they aren't afraid. When they look up and see a monster out of a Dr. Who script, they hesitate.

De Wijs on 20:54 - Apr 22 with 2577 viewsbosh67

It's a yes from me.

When fit - he's a bit of a monster and he seems to physically intimidate forwards.

When not - we need an ambassador for the Matthew Rose Injury Lounge.

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De Wijs on 21:58 - Apr 22 with 2408 viewsQPRSteve

It's a no brainer. Yes
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De Wijs on 22:05 - Apr 22 with 2376 viewsDorse

Yes. And not just because he looks like he might hunt me remorselessly for the rest of my life if I said no.

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De Wijs on 22:17 - Apr 22 with 2321 viewsChrisNW6

De Wijs on 22:05 - Apr 22 by Dorse

Yes. And not just because he looks like he might hunt me remorselessly for the rest of my life if I said no.

Yes from what I've seen so far. If we can get 30+ games next year it would be great but he does seem a bit fragile right now.

De Wijs on 22:33 - Apr 22 with 2255 viewsSimplyNico

The comment from Andy Belk about him was that he dominates.

He does, doesn't he?
De Wijs on 23:08 - Apr 22 with 2140 viewsMyke

De Wijs on 22:33 - Apr 22 by SimplyNico

The comment from Andy Belk about him was that he dominates.

He does, doesn't he?

When fully fit, he is a big addition to our back line. But without a doubt, injuries appear to be an issue. I would offer him a one year deal, with an option for a second and see how it goes.

De Wijs on 23:12 - Apr 22 with 2129 viewsHunterhoop

Yes. 100%.

He is comfortably the second best centre half we have. And in this league you need a bruiser.

De Wijs on 00:04 - Apr 23 with 2048 viewsDavieQPR

He is a good player when fit but his fitness does nag me a bit. Missed an 8 game period last season with Hull and was injured a fair bit the previous season. Also has missed a fair few for us. Maybe a lower basic wage but higher appearance fee could be the answer. Certainly better than Cameron, Masterson and Kakay at CB.

De Wijs on 00:11 - Apr 23 with 2043 viewskarl

He does seem slightly injury prone but after getting himself going the blow he took, which broke his nose, looked like a mighty straightforward nut on the nose so the club may be, rightly, following concussion protocol whereas Seny's might not have affected much more than the nose area?
Certainly our system has worked well with him so Im definitely in favour of a permanent signing if club feel he's capable of enough games.
Has to be said that he's followed a pattern where new signings who weren't playing regularly have been eased in.
Other than Charlie I think that's pretty true but Albert probably needs to get in the office and clarify his signing date...

De Wijs on 00:14 - Apr 23 with 2028 viewsqprxtc


De Wijs on 00:40 - Apr 23 with 1993 viewsLoftgirl

I would be reluctant to annoy him, so yes.

De Wijs on 06:59 - Apr 23 with 1843 viewsngbqpr

Has he been on a losing team yet? (while on the pitch)

De Wijs on 07:19 - Apr 23 with 1782 viewsMalintabuk

A definite yes. He is someone you would not knick his pint on a Saturday night!
But like Brian you see when he plays what he brings to the team... a physicality and not too shabby on the ball. So how was he not getting into the Hull team?

De Wijs on 07:43 - Apr 23 with 1739 viewsstevec

We haven’t had a dominant centre back for years so a yes from me. As for his injuries, I wouldn’t worry so much on this one as having Ball as standby more than compensates.

De Wijs on 07:48 - Apr 23 with 1732 viewsNorthernr

We cannot afford a key player who is only fit for five and a half games in half a season. If they think he's just been unlucky, will be alright after a pre-season, etc then yeh it might be worth going for, but if he's going to be unavailable as often as he has been then it's got to be a no.

De Wijs on 08:09 - Apr 23 with 1680 viewsenfieldargh

Yes from me, hope he stays injury free. Gareth Ainsworth also joined us with continuing injuries which eventually came to an end and then was a regular.

As for not playing for Hull I'm sure the owners would have broken a promise or the like.

Clive has always slated the Allams and rightly so

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De Wijs on 08:19 - Apr 23 with 1654 viewsCamberleyR

De Wijs on 06:59 - Apr 23 by ngbqpr

Has he been on a losing team yet? (while on the pitch)


Bristol C sub'd 63, 2-0 up, won 2-0
Wycombe sub'd 76, 1-0 up, won 1-0
Millwall full 90, won 3-2
Fakes sub'd 49, 1-0 up, drew 1-1
Sheff W sub'd 69, 3-1 up, won 4-1
Rotherham sub'd 45, 0-0, lost 3-1

De Wijs on 08:35 - Apr 23 with 1616 viewsgazza1

Certainly been a good player when he has been on the pitch but his fitness, over the past few months, is a worry.

Depending on 'costs' I would sign him. Not 100% but I thought that players were covered by insurances when injured so costs are minimal when players are injured.

Take a chance and give him a contract.

De Wijs on 08:41 - Apr 23 with 1599 viewsMetallica_Hoop

Yip from me.

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